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As entrepreneur, one of the most satisfying experiences in business is to have a stable company.

However, not all entrepreneurs are successful in making it happen due to various factors such as high competition, funding issues, marketing strategies and worse — having ineffective team.

Remember, your team is the bloodline of your company. If you commit mistakes in the hiring process this will lead to low-performing manpower and will result to poor company performance. If the team do not work well, your company gets sick and dies sooner. Therefore, incompetent human resources are deadly to your company.

That’s why having the right people have something to do with your company’s hiring strategies and processes.

Here are the 4 hires every entrepreneur should make to prevent the company from employing inefficient workforce:



One of the things that entrepreneurs lack in the hiring process is the planning stage. The planning stage is essential to identify your goals for hiring specific people and determine the type of person your company really needs. A business, especially a small one, cannot afford to have a wrong hire as it will give unnecessary costs to the company. Moreover, planning make the work more productive.


Reduce Hiring Process

You may think that taking too much time in hiring will lead you to the perfect candidate since you will be able to have enough time to filter applicants.

Well, let me tell you what Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire said, “For candidates, cutting down the time to hire reduces the stressors of unemployment, decrease job search-related anxiety, and give a positive impression of the organization.” He added, “[A fast hiring process] creates and sustains a candidate’s excitement for the company and position.”

Top performers want to work in an efficient company. Consequently, seeing your company’s snail hiring process might frustrate them and prevent them from pursuing your company and instead choose to knock on your competitor’s door.


Involve Other People

In business, great things are never done by a single person but a team of people. So in hiring the best candidates, you should consider the ideas and suggestions of your team especially those people in the division where your new hires are going to work since these people knows more of what type of people their team needs. You need to have the people who are not just talented and skilled but also fit to the position they are hired for. Apart from talents and skills, attitude is also a big deal.


Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media is the new trend in conducting the hiring process. As entrepreneur, you should make use of social media when looking for potential candidate as it will make your work easier and more productive. Aside from lower hiring cost, it also makes you more efficient since it will only require little amount of time and effort. It’s also more convenient than traditional hiring process.

Social media can also help you filter the best candidates that fit the position by just looking into their social media accounts where you can immediately see there backgrounds and whereabout. Of course, face-to-face interview is still necessary but through social media, it is a lot easier for you to determine the applicants that best qualify for such interview.



Every entrepreneur have specific set of needs. Thus, also have specific hiring processes that are tailored-fit according to the company’s needs.

Whichever hiring strategies you apply in your process, always make sure that you choose someone who does not have the right skill set but also have the right attitude towards work.

If you’re unsure of what strategies to use for your hiring strategies and process reach out to me. I’m a serial entrepreneur with several multimillion dollar businesses under my belt. I know what I’m doing and by the time I’m done mentoring you, you’ll know what you’re doing to. Contact me today to learn more about what I can offer your business!

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