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Network marketing is one of the smartest sons of marketing. As all the other marketing creations, network marketing has several principles and responds to different conditions. Briefly, I can remind my readers of the main rule on which network marketing relies and that could be presented through its structure.


In fact, network marketing applies the truth of general links between people. Indeed, the world is made is such an amazing way that proves people are connected in complex ways. The structure is easy to apprehend: Being connected with one person is enough to reach at least six others, if it is not more than that. Among these six, or more, one person only is enough to get the company connected with six others or more… And there goes the structure.


Advantages of Network Marketing


Advantages of Network Marketing


The magic of marketing network relies in its huge hierarchy. People from all over the world are linked together and serving the same purpose: Distributing the products of one same company.


The advantages of network marketing are numerous. The most obvious and common one relies in its first principle: The structure.


Network marketing is based on recruits. In fact, there is no limit to the growth of this hierarchical firm. At this level, you might wonder about the interests to its agents, since in general, a growing structure is a positive criterion for the company itself, not including its employees. The thing is that when entering this kind of structure, based on network marketing, you have your part of the advantages of the pyramidal growth of its agents.


In other terms, let’s imagine that you have just entered a group, being supervised by a manager. Once you have grown enough to have your own group, you will receive commission for the activities of all your members. This way, the recruits that have take you perhaps one hour to be done will keep providing with monthly incomes your whole career. The most amazing part of this principle is that, for the recruits of your recruits, you will receive money!


Being the grand-pa of a structure pays well when it comes to network marketing.


Another advantage of network marketing is related to the work’s rules. If you are one of the persons that love being free, then network marketing will suit you the most. In fact, the advantages of network marketing will enable you to work the amount of hours that suits you, from the place that you like, with people you will choose. You will be your own boss!


It is true that network marketing is all about distributing products. The way it works relies on your capacities of communication and influence to people. Of course, other tasks will be assigned to you, the most logical one would be being aware of the company’s products to have the right words to say to your clients.


Network marketing relies on you and your group. If you feel like you are a good distributor but never had the chance to prove so, you only have to adhere!

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