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Attraction marketing is a powerful technique of drawing prospects to your business or brand. Though it has been widely associated with MLM, I believe its potential goes beyond just lead generation.  For you to succeed with attraction marketing, you need to put in some effort, be consistency, and be committed to your ventures. Having looked at attraction marketing secrets in great detail, I think we should now look at some powerful ways to apply attraction marketing to your internet marketing business or brand.

 Attraction Marketing

Focus on a Niche


To start off, you should focus on your product niche or specialty.  Do what you do best and you’ll find more people seeking your blog to engage with you or your brand. Here is my opinion; you cannot be a jack of all trades in attraction marketing.  You have to focus on what you do and excel best.


For instance, if you are a wedding planner, then you’d want people to know you as an expert on matters relating to planning, organization, catering for weddings. If you’re an internet marketer like me, then you will focus on online marketing.  I believe that every niche has great potential; just that people don’t focus consistently on what they do. If you are consistent, then you can become a niche leader and authority which is a major plus for your blog or brand.


Create a Lead Capture page


I don’t know what you take on lead capture is but I strongly believe that it is an awesome attraction marketing technique that you can use to your advantage. An ingenious lead capture page will not only attract the attention of readers and prospects, but it will also inspire them to take action. The design of your lead capture page should be appealing and convincing to your prospects. It should also have an aura of your personal style that draws prospects to you. You should optimize your lead capture page by providing free eBooks, video tutorials, and other useful resources. Don’t forget to include your contact information to visitors and consumers too.


Provide Valuable Resources


If you run or manage a personal blog then you have to think about things that will draw people to your blog and to your brand.  From my experience, you cannot succeed with your marketing efforts if you only focus about “ I, me, and myself”. Attraction marketing doesn’t work that way.


You’ve got to create VALUE by providing unique and powerful resources to your prospects. For instance, if you have a blog, you can create a FREE downloadable eBook in your niche.  Your resources should benefit readers and visitors and inspire them to engage with you. It doesn’t have to be just an eBook; it could also be articles, guides, and links to other useful resources around the web.


Maintain a Professional Image


If you want customers and prospects to take you seriously then you have to be professional (as a person) and maintain a clean cut blog. Everything from your profile photo to your marketing materials should create the best impression about you. You cannot attract or convince customers that you are worthy of their time and money if you or your website looks average.  Create and polish your blog so that it portrays your brand in good light.


Personalize Your Brand


Your brand is part and parcel of your business and a vital component of attraction marketing. It’s what people see, think, feel and know about you or your business. If you want to create more value then you have to personalize by creating a unique and appealing personal touch. As you market yourself, you have to create unified and consistent messages about yourself and business. Most importantly, you have to be the real face of your blog or business.  This will make your business more credible and acceptable to consumers.  You don’t really have to solicit attention when you can create value to potential customers through an appealing and well-defined personal brand.


Encourage Customer Reviews


You have probably come across dozens of business websites that have customer review sections. You may have skimmed or skipped some of them but the truth is customer feedback and reviews are good for attraction marketing.  If you’re selling a product or promoting a subscription service, then it’s good to let your prospects know what your past and existing think about you and your products. This will make you look credible, transparent, and sincere thus adding value to your brand or blog.


Be Positive and Practical


Attraction marketing is all about positivity and practicality. You have to find a balance between your business desires and your earnest desire to help others.  Being positive enthusiastic is what draws people to you first before you even make a proposition about your products or services. Many people need inspiration. They need to know that you are a person they can work and trust and depend on. You have to exude positivity in your presentation while being cognizant of the challenges that your prospects face. However, you should not make positive promises about exponential wealth generation or create a “get rich quick” impression part of lead generation. It will only make customers skeptical about your claims.


Build Your Network


As an internet marketer, I know the immense value of personal and business networks in regard to attraction marketing. Actually, you cannot attract people to your business blog if you’ve got no network of customers who can confidently refer you to other prospects. Whatever business or interests you have, you have to continue building your network by encouraging customers to spread word about your brand or business.


You should leverage on the relation and the connections that you have with your customers to influence more people. If you have a blog then you should encourage customers to share your blog posts, resources, and even links to your blog. The truth is that your customers can enhance the value of your brand and draw other people to you as referrals. So, don’t ignore them.


I wish I could talk about several other techniques of applying attraction marketing to your blog, but I think the foregoing practical ways give you a great head start for now. The most important thing in attraction marketing is to create a personal brand and to leverage on your personality, connections, and professionalism to build your business. Ultimately, don’t forget to create value for customers and prospects as that is what draws them to you.


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