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The increased popularity of the social media has provided business establishments with new ways of promoting their businesses. Businesses no longer have to spend a huge amount of resources advertising their businesses through electronic media and other forms of advertising. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become the new frontier through which business establishments make their businesses visible.


Attract Likes on Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page


How to attract likes on one’s Facebook Fan Page is the question that many business individuals ask themselves. This is informed by the fact that the more the likes a Facebook Fan Page has, the more visible it is and the higher the probability of increasing revenues. There are a number of strategies that a person can use to attract more likes on their face book page. Some of these strategies include:


Inviting your Facebook friends

On the Facebook Fan Page in the admin section, Facebook prompts a person to invite their friends. Your friends are believed to be your best advocators in an online platform as well as offline. The more friends you invite, the higher the chances of you attracting more likes. Friends can also be instrumental in influencing their friends to like your Facebook Fan Page which means you will end up getting more likes.


Inclusion of your link in every email signature you send

The inclusion of a signature has become a popular phenomenon among many people across the globe. It’s therefore important that you include a link of your Facebook Fan Page in your email signature. This increases the chances of your recipients clicking on that link while reading their mail just to find out what is interesting about your Facebook Fan Page. By so doing, you end up attracting more likes to your Facebook Fan Page.


Network with other Facebook Fan Page owners

Building a strong rapport with other individuals who have pages on Facebook is one of the best ways through which you can attract likes on your Facebook Fan Page. You need to share ideas with other page managers on how you can promote your pages and attract more likes. The major emphasis should be on cross-promotion where posts are shared on different platforms of the various pages. This serves to increase the visibility of your page and ultimately attract more likes on your Facebook Fan Page.


Unique content sharing

As is always the case, content is presumed to be king. The more you share unique content, the more you are likely to pique the interest of others. What this means is that you should purpose to share unique photos and ensure that your content stands out. By so doing, you end up attracting more likes to your Facebook Fan Page.


Linking your Facebook Fan Page to your profile

Individuals who link their Facebook Fan Page to their profiles stand a greater chance of attracting more likes. People who visit your profile are more likely to bump into your page and hence increase the chances of attracting more likes.


In effect, attracting of Facebook likes should not be a herculean task as long as a person utilizes the strategies aforementioned. The reason why many people fail is because they fail to hijack opportunities and make their businesses visible. It’s therefore important that you take this into account.

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