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Attraction marketing is a widely used concept among Internet and network marketers. If you are in the same field, you probably have heard of attraction marketing a lot of times without totally comprehending what the principle is all about. Since it is almost everybody’s game, understanding what attraction marketing is, is certainly well-worth your time.


Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing


The History of Attraction Marketing


Attraction marketing is also termed as reverse marketing. As the term implies, the primary goal of attraction marketing is to draw people into one’s business naturally. An Internet and network marketer uses attraction marketing online to ignite his/her audience’s interest, causing the latter to purchase his/her products or join his/her business.


Truth is attraction marketing is an old concept with newly-developed tools and techniques. This is especially true since the birth of the Internet. Back then, advertisers and marketers with the capital to use television, radio, newspaper and other print media to advertise and market their businesses were only the ones who took advantage of attraction marketing. However, with the innovation of the Internet, everyone, including newbie marketers can benefit from attraction marketing tools that they can avail online for free!


While the term “attraction marketing” can be extremely popular among entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s interesting to know that there is a specific attraction marketing formula followed by marketers based from Mike Dillard’s principles, the one responsible for coining the term. The attraction marketing formula includes:



Mike Dillard came up with this attraction marketing formula with the following goals in mind:


  • Identify what people need
  • Provide high quality information to your audience
  • Generate traffic
  • Build one’s or a brand’s credibility
  • Build and maintain relationships with qualified leads, and
  • Have people join your team


Check out this video to get concise thoughts about attraction marketing from a veterans’ points of view:

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The Humble Beginnings of Attraction Marketing


The foundation of attraction marketing is fairly simple. You connect with people, identify who wants to do business with you now, and work with these people to reach a common goal. Back then, attraction marketing is a principle applied offline. While the entire process can be physically and time consuming, smart network marketers know how to leverage. Instead of them having to personally attend to doing attraction marketing strategies like giving away audio CDs and flyers, they can hire teenagers to do the work at a fraction of a cost, saving them time, money and energy. The only task left for them to do is to get in touch with those people who expressed interest in joining them.


Attraction Marketing and the Internet


The Internet is one of the greatest innovations to mankind. It not only serves as a gateway to connect people all over the world but has also proven its usefulness in businesses. With the Internet, attraction marketing has turned into an extremely powerful marketing tool.


Online attraction marketing includes 3 parts: prospects find your website, they enter their name and email on your lead capture page, and you include them into your email list, continuously providing them value of your offer. It is during the third part of online attraction marketing that they decide whether they want to join your business or not, which eliminates those who aren’t really interested with what you have to offer.


What’s great about online attraction marketing is that your prospects give you permission to send them emails and information. Once they have entered their name and email address on your lead capture page, they are aware that they will be receiving information from you, lessening instances of people wanting to unsubscribe from your mailing list.


Online attraction marketing indeed provides the same or much better results than radio, television or print advertisement, plus you have access to the entire world, making your business’ potential to grow overseas possible.


Attraction Marketing Success Formula


Since Mike Dillard coined the term “attraction marketing”, many marketers came up with their interpretation of it, discussing the original principles and even updating these according to the present conditions of Internet Marketing and network marketing. Here, I’d like to discuss the attraction marketing success formula.


1) Become a person of value


Showing people that you are a valuable resource person will automatically attract them to join you. People like to follow a leader who has proven his worth in his niche and who has gained results for himself, which are the same results that he promises others to have. This goes to say that you must continuously seek for knowledge and skills that will further increase your value as an Internet and network marketer.


Personally, I still purchase personality development audios and books and attend to team calls and even live trainings so I can acquire updated information and improve my people skills. This way, I believe that I am able to draw people toward me, making them want to know more about how I can help them succeed. Remember, once people see the value of your offer, including your credibility and authority in your niche, it will be much easier for them to make a decision to join you. Some of the skills that you can master are copywriting, SEO, social media marketing, leadership, blogging, and more.


2) Identify what people need

This second principle is very important. Your ability to identify what people need will deepen the communication and will let you understand how you can provide assistance to them through your business. Often, even when you want to help others achieve success, what makes it difficult to connect with them is that you don’t have the slightest idea of what they need, thus increasing your chances of being rejected even if you haven’t discussed anything about your business yet.


A common mistake that most Internet and network marketers commit is that they dive right in to discussing their offer without initiating a good pep talk to establish rapport with their prospects. This is the reason why they miss out on identifying what their prospects need. Now, the key to opening possibilities of them joining you is to emotionally connect with your prospects. People make decision based on emotions so it is crucial that you tap their feelings. Ask them several questions – What are they struggling with? What are their financial and career goals? What results do they want? This way, you obtain answers, which you can use to lay-out a tailor-made plan to help them get what they want, leading to the next step.


3) Provide solutions


The next principle of attraction marketing is of course, to provide solutions to their needs. It is your best interest to provide specific solutions to the problems you have identified. If your business has products that your prospects may need, you can offer it to them. For long-term goals and financial prosperity, the best thing that you can offer is your expertise. Share valuable content to your prospects through your blog or your newsletters. You may also want to invite them to join your FREE webinar or avail your FREE eBook about lead generation, attraction marketing, or home based business.


4) Prove that you really can provide solutions to their problems


Being in the Internet and network marketing field entitles you of people’s skepticism about everything you say. Of course, everyone wants results and chances are not all of them will believe you right away. As you go along offering your assistance for them to achieve their financial goals, you’ll encounter more and more questions. Some of them may even doubt you and your ability to help them when results aren’t on the horizon right away. These are just some of the things that you have to face.


How then can you make them believe you? The answer is fairly simple – you have to build trust with your prospects. This won’t be a hard task to do especially if you have proven your worth in the Internet and network marketing field. I recommend that you post testimonials of your team members on your blog, talking a bit about how you were able to help them. You may even want to share your income proof so they know that you really have made money out of your business. A lot of times, it is easier for people to trust you when they see proofs of your achievement so sharing details about it without appearing boastful of your accomplishments is something that you must do.


5) Give them an offer they can’t refuse and start making money!


Now, I’m sure this last principle of attraction marketing gets you excited. After you have invested in creating relationships with your prospects and knowing that they now trust you, this is the best time to get into business. Of course, you won’t be offering freebies all the time. They have to start purchasing your offer/s, but how? The key to having your prospects spend money on your business is to offer them something they can’t refuse. Most of the time, people are scared to purchase something because of the huge risk involved.


No one wants to put their money to waste and this often hinders someone from buying something even if s/he thinks it will be beneficial for him/her. Now, what you have to do is to eliminate risk. Offer a 30-60 day money back guarantee if they aren’t satisfied with the results after purchasing your offer. This will make your prospects buy your offer right away since there is no risk involved at all. That’s what attraction marketing does – make everything IRRESISTIBLE!


Attraction Marketing and Your Blog


Your blog plays a vital role in attraction marketing. It is the single best venue to capture targeted leads. It is therefore important that you make the most out of your blog. Placing your lead capture page on the upper right side of your blog will make it more visible to visitors who are interested to do business with you.


Also, you must be very careful with the content you put on your blog. Make sure that every post provides value and service to your readers. This will encourage them even more to connect with you and get to know more about your business. Your blog is the best representation of you and your brand so you should always share the most relevant information that your visitors would be interested in.


Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding


A well-defined brand attracts people to join a business. So, as an Internet and network marketer, it is your task to take care of your brand’s reputation. Your personal brand is a valuable element of attraction marketing. Your brand makes people interested to find out more about your business. Successful branding uses a singular company image or logo that is easily recognized and remembered by prospects.


While it takes time and effort to build your brand online, investing in it will give you endless rewards later on. People seek to partner with an established brand rather than bet all their cards to an unknown brand, which just like them, is still struggling to make a name in the Internet and network marketing industry. Branding therefore shortens the lead generation process as it attracts prospects faster through word of mouth and referrals.


Here are some tips for successful branding


  • Have an elegant and professional website.
  • Be your brand. Your personality is what makes your brand unique so always be yourself and you’ll draw people to you.
  • Be consistent in your Internet and network marketing efforts. Send emails regularly, post blog entries daily, and create high-quality videos for your audience.
  • Be both optimistic and realistic. This creates balance between your promises of financial wealth and the many hurdles that a budding entrepreneur may face with his venture.
  • Continue to build a network that will help you spread the word about your brand and your business.


Attraction Marketing and Network Marketing


If you are a network marketer and you are not using the Internet, then you are missing out on attraction marketing big time. Attraction marketing eliminates the once famous offline marketing effort of person-to-person advertising as well as cold calling. If you have a website offering a free eBook on a home based business opportunity, then it would be easier for you to have people leaving their name and email address on your lead capture page, and there you have it – a list of permission-based leads, inquiring about how you do it and how they can be successful too!


By doing this simple attraction marketing formula, you spare yourself of having to talk to unqualified leads who’ll only turn you down or waste your time by giving you the runabout. This makes attraction marketing and network marketing almost inseparable.


Why Partner with Annetta Powell?


If you find yourself wondering about how attraction marketing works and how you can apply it to your business, you don’t have to undergo the learning process alone. Here comes the importance of turning to an Internet and network marketing mentor just like Annetta Powell.


Annetta Powell retired from Corporate America at age 24 and began establishing her name in Internet and network marketing after the real estate market crashed in early 2000’s. Now, she is one of the renowned authorities in Internet and network marketing, who has sponsored more than a two hundred people into her home based business and changed lives of countless individuals seeking for true financial and time freedom.


If you are serious about creating residual wealth and utilizing the power of attraction marketing to work on your favor, then you gotta click here right now. I am only looking for a few qualified individuals to learn the attraction marketing blueprint for their personal success so I hope you would be smart enough to grab this rare opportunity. Click here and ignite the limitless possibilities of your Internet marketing and network marketing success.


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