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Technically, autoresponders are computer programs that generate  answers automatically to the e-mails received. It is starting from this definition that marketing has developed this concept in order to enable online business owners to take advantage of all its benefits.


Actually, an autoresponder provides its user with more than simple automatic answers. It is more about giving an instant answer to the prospects abstraction made of the time intervals or the place differences.


The objectives of the use of autoresponders are numerous and could be seen as essential to any online business.


As mentioned earlier, autoresponders are set to provide the online business prospects with immediate information and then follow up with them at a rational predetermined time interval.


Effective Use of Autoresponders in Your Business



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At this level, the operation could be done in two different ways:


  1. An Outsourced ASP model that is configurable via a web based control panel. This method involves monthly fees paid by the consumer.
  2. A server-side that requires technical skills and that, consequently, could not be used by a wide web of consumers.
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We can understand that an autoresponder is one of the must-have that takes higher the benefits of the online business owner by providing him with an authentic way to close business. It is for this reason that some specialists think that setting up an autoresponder should be one of the main and first steps of the development of the online business. Furthermore, autoresponders are not seen as an informative tool only, they actually enable their users to make a step ahead compared to their competitors.


In terms of money and numbers, every online business owner knows that not following up with a prospect means the lost of huge amounts of money that could have been added, if the autoresponders were used, to the business benefits.


Still in term of numbers, the following up of a prospect, without the help of the magic autoresponders, requires a huge amount of time that usually busy people do not have.


It is actually in between these two facts that the importance of autoresponders lies.


Taking marketing manuals as a reference would make us understand that, in average, a prospect takes 6 or more exposures to any business sales or promotional information before he finally decides to purchase. If we are crazy enough to set the time between every two exposure to 2 hours, we will end up with in average 30 hours before the most important prospect’s decision is made. The world will definitely not wait for us all that time!


This is why it is now essential to use autoresponders. The prospects receive instant information and then answers quickly which takes the time interval till purchasing to a lower level.


In few words, if technology has provided you with efficient solution that make you gain time and money, then you are certainly called to use them properly and take advantage of their incomes. Autoresponders could make all the difference!


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