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Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Results Page (SERP); you may ask people belonging to absolutely any generation if they have ever come across these terms, and you’d be surprised to find an almost perfect ratio of positive response. But this does not make any of these terms and concepts to be overused in any way. Their extensive awareness is based on the role they play in bringing success to businesses, mainly through their efforts of:



While we’re on the subject search engines, they are the center of attention for all types of entrepreneurs, essentially those who are into Blogging as a means to run and promote their home based business. This means that SERP visibility is a key concern for Blogging entrepreneurs.


Basically, when an individual types one or more keywords on a search engine, a plethora of results appear on the screen which is referred to as the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). As one would expect, high ranking or visibility on the SERP is a matter of great concern when an entrepreneur is involved in Blogging to achieve his or her business goals.


Since business professionals enter the world of Blogging to enhance their Branding and Internet Marketing strategy, it is unquestionably essential for them to get their blog sites to be among the top and most visible search results. The most appropriate real world example, related to the concept of SERP visibility, comes from the retail industry. Manufacturing companies are constantly at war to acquire eye-level shelf space to display their products.


Everyone has experienced making impulse buying decisions because the product seemed to appear right before their eyes. But in the online world, SERP visibility has the same impact of attracting the target audience as that of eye-level merchandising but with one major difference. People type keywords and queries on search engines that they already hold an interest in. And this fact makes it even more important for Blogging entrepreneurs to improve their blog’s SERP visibility.


Blogging Tips to Complement SERP Visibility


SERP Visibility

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Step Out of Your Territory


When you think of methods of Blogging search engine optimization, it is natural to come up with ideas that specifically focus on your blog only.  However, you must not overlook the significance of sharing content on other web and blog sites as a strategy for your own Blogging search engine optimization. When you broaden your online presence on multiple online sources, it reflects well on your own blog and increases the credibility of your content and business. A few ways to do so include guest Blogging on other similar web and blog sites, sharing informative graphic visuals, etc. But you must be prepared to overcome the following challenges with this approach, after which you will find improvement in your own blog’s SERP visibility:


  • Find other sources with a strong, trustworthy reputation in the industry
  • Remain patient as it is time consuming to reach an appropriate opportunity of contributing on other Blogging sources


Blogging with Keywords: Placement over Quantity


Every Blogging entrepreneur has sufficient information on the importance of using keywords in blog posts. But there are many cases that fail to yield expected results even when there seems to be no keyword scarcity in the content. This is because the placement of keywords in each blog post should also be done wisely. Aim to insert keywords as follows:


  • In the Headline
  • Under Image Captions
  • Mainly in the First and Last Paragraphs


Link Internally for Double Benefits


Blogging is an art which requires the creation and sharing of content to offer value to the readers and realize diverse Content Marketing objectives as well. But these considerations are constantly associated with the efforts you make for improving your search engine optimization. An effective method is to insert internal links in all your blog posts.


For the readers, it makes it easy to reach another post on your website without the hassle of searching for it or maybe even missing it out. And for you, more number of internal links enhances your SERP visibility. Since this approach holds an impact on your readers, you must not place links to other internal posts without being considerate towards their preferences. This means that you should:


  • Create helpful anchor text with the main keywords
  • Utilize HTM Sitemap for effective linking to other relevant blog posts


Combine Blogging with Social Media Marketing


All your Blogging efforts become more meaningful when your target audience is able to find you on a visible rank among popular search engines. This is made possible when you integrate together your Blogging and social media network activity. In other words, you should simultaneous manage social networking profiles specifically created for the promotion of your blog site and its content. This means that you give additional, reliable links to search engines to present on the SERP for your target audience. The most important detail for your profiles on various social media networks is the use of proper and outstanding backlinks to your blog.


Dedicate Yourself to Quality Blogging


On one hand you want to improve your blog’s SERP visibility for various Branding, Internet Marketing, and other business objectives. But on the other side of the picture, you are required to create and add value in the lives of your target through your Blogging content.


This leads you the use of a rather selfless Blogging method with consistent focus on sharing high quality blog posts for your readers. This means that the topic, style, tone, supporting visual aid, and all other components of your Blogging content must be relevant, solution oriented, and generally valuable. A few tips for creating high quality and selfless Blogging content are as follows:


  • Simple and short:
    • Sentences
    • Paragraphs
    • Appropriate keyword density without unnecessary stuffing
    • No fluff
    • Neutral tone rather than that seems like a sales pitch
    • Catchy, innovative, and interesting headers and body


Just how Blogging is an art then improving its SERP visibility is no less important and challenging. However, without focus on search engine optimization you are likely to reduce the potential of your Blogging efforts.


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