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Blogging has now become a crucial part of the online advertising and promotional efforts of any type of organisation, especially one that is centred on making money online. Regardless, even though blogging is mainly used as the primary source of traffic for affiliate marketing, it has many other benefits as well.


Once you start blogging, you will note that it is a highly effective tool for Internet marketing. It is also an important mode of communication between you and your customers and a basic part of online lead generation. However, you must also remember that for you to run a successful blog or blogs, you need to start considering a few things. For instance, the two most important factors that will have an immense effect on the popularity of your blog and overall blogging success are the quality of the content and the consistency with which you post your blog. The following lines will explain the concept of a blogging schedule so that you can use your blog in the best way possible.


However, before getting into the details of a blogging schedule, you need to understand that it isn’t just applicable to the blogs that you post on your website; it is also used for those that you post for social media marketing. Your blog will not be able to get the recognition or exposure that it deserves if it does not appear on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So, before you even begin to plan your schedule, remember to make it a point to post at least part of your blogs on your social media profiles so that your fans know that you are active.


Now that you know the importance of blogging and social media marketing, read the following simple effective tips and learn how to best plan your blogging schedule.


Blogging Schedule

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Decide on Your Writing Style and Schedule


Even though there are many who claim that the only way to achieve blogging success is by setting aside a specific time slot to write, those who have been in the business of content marketing for long know that it is not always possible to motivate yourself to write a good and interesting piece.


So, instead of waiting for the ‘right time’, you should take some minutes out of your busy schedule and dedicate it to your Internet marketing efforts and your blog. This essential tip for managing your blogging schedule will help you stay on track and ensure that you’re more consistent so that your readers know when they can hope to read your next blog.


If you lack inspiration, take a look at your blog’s comments, other people’s blogs or even pictures from your niche. These are bound to get your creative juices running and inspire your writers block away.


Plan According to Your Personal Goals


When you plan to focus on blogging schedules, you should have some personal and content marketing goals that you want to achieve through your blog. So, with these goals engraved in your mind, you must remember that the key to blogging success is to break everything down into small, short term goals that are easily and quickly attainable.


For example, if your goal is to post 30 blogs in a month’s time, your blogging schedule must be flexible and strict enough to help you achieve just that. You will also find that there are many who focus on traffic goals instead of publishing goals and adjust the posting of their blogs according to the traffic that they are able to attract.


Consider Your Blog Categories


Another factor that plays a significant role in deciding your blogging schedule is the number of categories that you have on your blog. Your schedule can be shifted quite a bit depending on the quantity of your categories, so it is crucial that you consider them when planning it out.


For example, if your primary goal is online lead generation and you have five categories on your blog, you should be publishing at least one blog post per category per week so that each category gets the attention of your readers. Also remember that if you’re aiming at blogging success and have multiple categories on your blog site, you must always write blogs that are specific and to the point.


Prepare Your Editorial Calendar


It is much easier to maintain a blogging schedule when you know in advance what you are going to be writing about. In fact, because blog posts are an important part of your Internet marketing plans, having a clear idea about what you will be writing on is an integral part of content marketing.


This is why an editorial calendar, which is basically a weekly or monthly outline of what your blog content is going to discuss and when, is something that cannot be ignored. Having an editorial calendar will make it easier for you to plan your blogging schedule and you won’t need to worry about what to write about because you will already have everything planned out and ready in advance.


Experiment and Refine


Once you are successfully able to make a blogging schedule, try it out for a few weeks and incorporate a few changes later on if necessary. If you find that you are constantly behind the time you had set for yourself, you will have to change and adjust it accordingly. On the contrary, if it seems like you have a lot of free time but are not giving enough to content marketing, you need to shape up and begin posting more often to become a successful blogger and the owner of a highly ranking blog.


Even though it may seem tempting to throw caution to the wind and publish your business blog whenever you want, your business is bound to benefit more if you were to follow a blogging schedule. So, plan one right away and make sure you stick to it during your social media marketing campaign as well.


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