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In my earlier article, Have You Got Your Blogging Basics Down?, I stated unequivocally that blogging is one of the major pillars of internet marketing and I gave good reasons for it. Though opinions are divided on this subject, I strongly believe that a blog increases your chances of making money online through attraction marketing.


Once you set up your blog, you will realize that the power and influence of blogging goes beyond content marketing. Let’s now take a look at seven compelling reasons why you should start blogging today.


Tools for Attraction Marketing

Image Credit: Scott Paterson

Blogging Gives You an Audience

As you embark to establish your presence online, you should realize that you need an audience that you will engage and turn into customers.  Of course, you won’t be blogging to nobody or without a purpose. For this reason, blogging emerges as the easiest way of establishing an audience for attraction marketing. Indeed, blogging is the perfect channel for creating and making your presence known and felt online.


Without a blog, you will find it difficult to reach out to prospects and engage them. If you don’t blog, no one will know that you even exist. It may also take your prospects a long time to discover you when you don’t have a blog. So, start a blog and you will simplify the process of establishing and engaging with your audience online.


              Blogging Connects You with People  

Attraction marketing thrives on the connections that you establish with customers and potential prospects. Unfortunately, many people think that they can connect with prospects without blogging. Let me settle this once and for all. Without a blog, you cannot attract prospects or build a mutually beneficial relationship with them. You need to connect with prospects and educate and in the process, you will turn them into customers.


Also, when you blog regularly, then you stand a better chance of attracting more people to your business.  There are hundreds of thousands of people surfing the web looking for leads or useful information and products. All these people need solutions, they need inspiration, and they need to connect people that will transform their lives.



Blogging Reveals Your Personality

If you read some of my earlier articles on attraction marketing, then you will realize blogging is an integral aspect of online marketing. Blogging brings out your personality, and reveals your true self. This is very critical in attraction marketing as it can make or break your marketing campaign.


The reason is that people connect with people who have an inviting and admirable personality. Your style or writing, your tone, and your voice have the potential to draw people to you or drive them away. When done properly, blogging increases online lead generation and portrays you in good light amongst potential audiences and prospects.


Blogging Makes You a Niche Leader

If you don’t blog, you will remain oblivious and even insignificant to the thousands of prospects and customers in your niche market.  You can only become a niche leader when you use blogging to build your profile and establish yourself as a respectable figure in your niche.


Once you become a niche leader, you will gain more influence through your words, opinions, and perspective. Customers and B2B marketers will not admire and love you, but they will yearn to connect with you so that they can benefit from your deep insights.


Blogging Builds Awareness about Your Brand

Blogging is the easiest way of raising awareness about your business or brand.  It can increase your reach and draw people outside your network to connect with you and even follow you. Remember, the information that you share through your blog does not only serve attraction marketing, but it also helps you promote your business and raise awareness about your brand.


Through blogging, people will know and understand your brand much better and be more receptive to your marketing and brand messages. Also, they will be eager to introduce others so that they too can experience the power and influence of your brand online. With such benefits, you have no excuse for not embracing blogging for attraction marketing.


Blogging Allows You to Share Your Expertise

One of the key functions of a blog is to share your personal or professional experience or thoughts with your audience. Indeed, your blog acts as a window through which your audiences see your thoughts and perspective on industry-related issues.  Most importantly, blogging also serves as a channel through which you can share your expertise with your audience or prospects.


When you blog and share your expertise, you give your audience reason to follow and subscribe to your blog. The good thing about blogging is that it can serve any industry pretty well.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in the retail sector, education, personal training, or health and fitness, or finance, blogging bring out the best in you for the benefit of your audience and prospects.


 Blogging Gives People Reason to Join Your Social Networks

Finally, blogging draws people to join your social network. Generally, people will not be interested to engage with you unless you have some influence online or a likeable personality. It’s your blogging finesse, your mindset, your approach to industry issues, and your professional demeanor that will drive people to engage with you in Twitter or Facebook.


As people notice you online, they will share links to your blog or articles and create buzz about what you do and say. This will elevate your status and the power of your content marketing campaigns. Ultimately, you will find yourself spending much less on online marketing as your networking marketing circle grows to match your influence.


No matter how you want to look at it, I can confidently say it pays off to use blogging as a tool for attraction marketing. Blogging has the potential to endear you to an audience and increase your influence and authority online.  It not only reveals your personality, but it also increases awareness about your brand or business.


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