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Building your brand relevance over time is perhaps harder than building your brand name when you first begin to advertise your company and its offerings. However, one thing which is greatly beneficial in building brand relevance is content sharing. So, your biggest challenge as someone who wants people to trust their company would to build an authoritative image so that people know, understand and trust what you are telling them.


Now this particular image building task is not always easy as there are thousands of other companies that are selling the exact same thing that you are. Therefore, if you want your online authority to work, you must start building it the minute you step into the industry.


Because content sharing is the most important component, you must stay consistent with your topics and increase your social media efforts so that your existing and potential customers know that you are there to stay. Also, avoid following the footsteps of non-serious companies that started off strongly but disappointed their customers when they couldn’t continue. In short, your goal when building online authority must be to convince your customers of your worth even if you have been doing it for a long time.


Speaking of content sharing and online influence, you must know that there are many tools that can help you with your brand relevance as well. Even though there are thousands of tools and applications that can assist you in different ways, the ones mentioned here are the best according to market leaders. In fact, the producers of these social media and content sharing tools boast about their products being used by multinational and international organizations worldwide to increase their branding efforts.


Tools that Help Brand Relevance One particular tool that will greatly help you in keeping track and nurturing the relationship that you have with your supporters and influencers is the This service is free and will help you in increasing your online influence by keeping track of your most valued followers so that you can know who they are and when you should interact with them. Also, with this particular tool, you can quickly spot the most active conversations or tweets you have had and with who.


Social Crawlytics: Another tool generating buzz in this field is Social Crawlytics. What’s special about this software is that it analyses the content sharing of your competitors. It is also free and useful since it assesses the performance of your competitor’s blogging website and content sharing on social media. Through this tool, you will be able to get detailed information about what your competitors are sharing and the sort of response that they are getting for it. Therefore, this tool helps you in understand what content is most popular among your audience, which then enables you to enjoy content sharing that is relevant and interesting for the reader.


Brand Relevance


Buffer: The third extremely interesting tool that you will find quite helpful for content sharing is Buffer. With buffer, you don’t have to post things on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn yourself, but can schedule them according to preference and let Buffer take care of the rest. When you share the content in a timely manner, your audience and readers will realize that you don’t take online authority lightly and that you are serious in making your voice heard.


Ideas for Increasing Brand Relevance


Apart from the aforementioned tools, you will need a few expert social media tips that will help you greatly in sharing the content that you have created specifically for the purpose of brand relevance. So, here are five ideas to help you carry out effective personal branding and content marketing.


Create a Solid Bio


No matter which social media platform you are on, you have to appear like a “guru” in your line of work. For that, you must have a complete profile and a great bio or description to go with it. This is true even when you are blogging as it is the only way your customers and clients will be able to connect with you. Whether you plan to start content sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you must add an interesting description that tells the reader about who you are, what you do, and the way you will be able to help them out.


Start Small


One of the biggest mistakes that people make when building their online authority is to do a lot in the beginning and then gradually exhaust and end all branding efforts. Remember that no matter what tools or techniques you use for your online influence, it will not work at all if you do not stay consistent and balanced. This is the reason why it is crucial that you start building your relationships very gradually. Therefore, in the beginning of the branding, you should start following people that you actually know on Twitter and Google+. Then, once you know how things work, start interacting liberally and widen the circle of people that you follow.


Start the Content Sharing


Even though the above mentioned tips are extremely crucial for online authority, you must remember that the one thing that it depends highly on is the quality of the content sharing. Therefore, all social media experts will suggest that you create and share content that is unique and original. Now content isn’t necessarily the text that you post, but it includes other material such as photos, texts and links as well. Also, when you are writing to increase your online influence, it is recommended that you ask the reader to comment at the end of the blog or article.


Join Communities


If you are on social media platforms such as Twitter or Google+, it is mandatory that you avoid sticking to your own world of personal branding, but explore the world outside as well. This is why it is best if you join other communities or pages that are most like yours. These communities will give you the opportunity to carry out content sharing and to meet likeminded people who are interested in the sort of work that you do.


Leave Comments and Contribute in a Positive Manner


As you must have guessed by now, the only way you can build online authority and increase your brand relevance is by staying consistent with your content sharing. You also need to make sure that you contribute to the conversation and leave positive comments that keep your customers coming back for more.


So, integrate and combine these ideas and tools together and experience the joy of seeing your brand relevance increase within a short of time. Once again, remember that your two main goals are to stay consistent and to provide your readers with unique and quality content sharing.


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