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Exactly like the definition of an ‘influencer’, becoming an Online Influence means that you have successfully created an authoritative image on online sources. Becoming an Online Influence is not easy and becomes even more challenging when the acquired authority has to consistently reflect upon your brand. In other words, every piece of great content that you create and share online must translate into the benefit of enhanced Online Influence for your brand. Likewise, your activity on social media networks, such as your shares and tweets, should not only increase the number of followers and online lead generation but also lead your brand to be an online authority.


Growing your brand’s Online Influence is a stage that comes after you have invested ample time and effort in other simpler Internet Marketing tools. So, your success in Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing is the driving force behind your brand being perceived as an Online Influence on various platforms. This is how your brand can have an influence on social media. However, an influential image should not be misinterpreted as an easy outcome of your general online and Social Media Marketing efforts. Your brand’s Online Influence on social media requires you to create and share content must have compelling, reliable, and appealing quality.


Although it does not work like a mathematical equation, but there are some efforts and methods that can lead your brand to increase its Online Influence.


Effective Tips & Ideas to Increase Online Influence


Online Influence

Image Credit: Rupert Ganzer


The objective of the following methods is to highlight the key to success when you have set the aim of gaining and increasing Online Influence primarily through Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing efforts.


The Power of Relevance


As you would expect, your brand‘s Online Influence is base on gaining authority in a particular content area or topic. But one of the biggest challenges with building such an authoritative image is associated with the ability to express and communicate your expertise and leadership.


An effective approach towards this challenge with increasing Online Influence is to make all your social media activity encompass the topic of your authority consistently. Once you succeed in doing so, you should begin to increase your social media activity and content sharing on the same topic every time. In other words, this method requires you to maintain a high degree of relevance between the content you post online and the topic that you are gaining an authoritative stance on.


Each time you share relevant content, you are basically presenting the leadership quality of your brand in a specific area. This means that you should correspondingly increase the frequency that you share content and posts on social media. You should also extend your authority on the topic you focus on by offering valuable and problem-solving content to the readers. Lastly, the relevance of the content contributed online by your brand increases when it is consistently noticeable across a variety of media and formats like images, webinars, tweets, videos, etc.


Succeed with Online Engagement


Online Influence and Online Engagement are intertwined concepts whereby a reader’s engagement with your content supports your brand and increases its share of repeat audience. Another common factor that both these Internet Marketing concepts have is that they cannot be artificially created or forcefully obtained. This fact makes it increasing imperative for companies to share content that can naturally invoke readers to engage with their brands. Without an engaging quality in the social media content, a brand may face the setback of a short-lived Online Influence.


Surprise Them By Sharing What They Want


The Online Influence of your brand will experience a drastic increase and yield quantifiable results when your online content covers both the following criteria:


  • Areas that you have immense knowledge and experience on
  • Topics that the readers are highly interested in


In order to achieve this level of authority and competence, you must invest time, money, and effort in thorough research to gain an insight on your target audience. Another aspect to delighting your target audience and enhancing your Online Influence is through the frequency of your content. You should not share content and posts on ad-hoc basis. In fact, you must develop and follow an agenda that would make your brand appear as a reliable, helpful, and organized source of information online. This does not mean that the frequency of your posts is at a pace that your previous content fails to stay visible for the duration necessary for it to be noticed by the maximum number of readers.


Widen Your Horizon


This tip for increasing Online Influence is quite similar to an important strategy used generally in an Internet Marketing campaign. A restricted approach with any form of promotion and communication has minimal chances for it to be successful. As a matter of fact, even top-notch quality of content can go ignored if it is not made available to a wide audience. That’s right! Your social media reach must extend in terms of the number of followers, likes, friends, readers, etc.


Apart from a quantitative increase in your loyal readers, you should also expand the reach of your brand beyond your geographic location. This method demands interactive conversations on a variety of websites and blogs. As a result, your brand’s online community will gradually build and retain a growing number of followers.


Be Respectful & Responsive


The dynamics of interactive online platforms are different than traditional, static websites. Because of the interactive nature of social media, it adds up to the responsibilities of a brand to be responsive to its followers and readers. A simple way to understand the benefits of using this method to increase your brand’s Online Influence is through a rather personal and individual way. Basically, it is part of our personal and social etiquettes that we must reply when we are addressed by another individual. Similarly, online readers also find a brand’s responsiveness to their comments, queries, and feedback as a form of respect and attention being given to them.


In short, Online Influence can make your target audience put their faith in your brand. This is precisely why your brand’s Online Influence involves diverse factors like content quality, topic relevance, level of online activity, and so on.



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