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We are going to a time in which every possible writer on earth will hold a proper blog and have his own audience to interact with. If blogging is a way to share your content with people and even discuss it with them, then who would not want to have a blog? Since the answer to this question is clearly “No one”, then let’s talk about one of the main steps of creating a blog:


Choosing a Niche Topic

In the following video Danny Iny explains why choosing a niche for your new blog is a challenge.

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Choosing a Niche Topic


As mentioned before, choosing a niche topic for your blog is the first step on creating a blog. In fact, we are talking here about the gate through to the modeling process of your blog’s creation. The thing is that if you don’t pick the right niche for your blog, you might end up losing your time, a time that you don’t even really have!


The world has taken new dimensions today. People don’t look for content randomly anymore; indeed, if your blog does not have a proper niche then don’t expect people to be attracted to its content. The readers need a first target to be met, and it appears through their search engine optimization. The search bare is never empty, and people that are looking for pieces of information about cosmetics won’t right “Whatever” to find new products, they will certainly put something more significant, something that your niche should include in order to appear among the results and be read.


We admit that the choice of the niche topic for a blog is not an easy step. We also admit that it takes a deep thinking process and somehow controls the success line of the blog itself. Therefore, before making any significant decision you should think deeply and answer the following questions:


What niche topic are you really interested in?

What niche topic do you think your audience will be interested in?


Indeed, the niche topic should be the element of answer to these two questions. From one side, there is no purpose for you to hold a blog that contains things you don’t feel interested in. Truly, you will not be able to maintain a blog with a content that you don’t feel keen on, even though you find it interesting for people or you think that it is a common niche topic these days. The content will be yours and therefore as a writer I recommend you to choose a niche topic that you feel at ease talking about.


Are you Blogging for Business or Pleasure? 


On the other side, the same rule is applied on your audience. Your favorite niche topic might not interest a large amount of people, but though you might have some other niche topics that you feel comfortable with and that may interest a larger audience. Indeed, those are the niche topics that you should consider for your blog.


In few words, choosing a niche topic for your blog is an important step. Give it as much time as it needs because it does really matter!

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