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From my experience, Twitter marketing and engagement is not a simple and straight forward task. It’s a time consuming, unappreciated, and sometimes draining experience. As a marketer, you have to write and share links to posts, reply to comments, and monitor the tone and direction of conversation in your Twitter community.


Fortunately, there is a powerful and robust tool known as, which can help your sustain the interest of your Twitter community. has already proven to be a powerful tool for generating straightforward leads and engaging Twitter communities. In this post, we’ll look at and how you can use it to build valuable relationships and raise engagement levels in Twitter.


What Exactly is is a robust relationship management tool for managing Twitter relationships and generating potential leads for your online business. Essentially, helps you track all major interactions in your Twitter community so that you can nurture valuable relationships. offers free and premium membership accounts. Under free membership, you can only add 4 items to monitor, but the premium version offers you a wider range of social media metrics to monitor. On the other hand, the premium version comes with an unlimited number of reports, Twitter accounts, lead items, and engaged members. Apart from that, you can also monitor key phrases, shared URL links, and hash tags. For a start, you can try out any of the four plans for 14 day trial period so that you can have a good picture of what to expect.


Is Really Necessary?


While social media is instrumental in sustaining business relationships, few tools support CRM via social media. bridges the existing gap by bringing focus and clarity to the way individuals and businesses use Twitter. helps you maintain good social relationships with followers, improve work processes, and attain desirable ROI. Essentially, there are 3 main things you can do with


  • You can manage your Twitter relationships effectively
  • Focus on potential customers and influencers
  • Enhance social productivity ad engagement level Member Categories has a special algorithm that scans your social network to determine the relevance of followers and members. You can analyze and manage relationships, followers, groups, monitor engagements, and discover leads. The beauty of is that it identifies and classifies members into 3 categories; high-value members, influencers, and supporters. Here’s a breakdown of the 3 key groups.


  • High-value members – are core members in your Twitter community. It comprises people who engage with you on a regular basis and those who support and promote via their social networks.
  • Influencers – these are the top influencers in your Twitter community. In other words, these are people who rally others within your community. uses a special algorithm to determine influencers.
  • Supporters – essentially, these are people who share and spread your content by retweeting or sharing links to your latest content. They can increase your visibility and attract more people to your social network.


Engaging and Evaluating Members Activity in


As you already know, monitoring and evaluation are integral in Twitter engagement. facilitates management of Twitter relationships pretty much the same way as SalesForce, or Zoho, or any of the established CRM platforms. Besides monitoring and engaging with any of your followers, you can see and analyze various metrics simultaneously. To encourage responsive interaction, you should make it your habit to thank and encourage members in each of the categories listed above . Below is a summary of the best practices of using


·         Prioritize your Twitter activity –   don’t waste time in pointless conversations or engagements, spend time on top and quality engagements every time you log into your account.


·         Find out valuable members – there are so many people you can engage with but focus on influencers, supporters, and engaged members more than the general public.


·         Know who to follow and unfollow – don’t pursue conversations or engagement with everyone, you have to make your mind about who to follow or unfollow. suggests relevant people based on their relevance, influence, and engagement level.


·         Watch your reputation – monitor everything that people say about your business, products, services, or brand. tracks all that people say or mention and captures the specific details of their conversations.


Generating Activity and Engagement Reports gives you can opportunity to track and analyze levels of engagement in Twitter. To get a good picture of your engagement, you should use reports to track Twitter activity for several weeks and even months. There are two essential reports or this purpose; activity and engagement reports.


The activity report shows you a comparative time scale of the activity and engagement levels on a daily, weekly, monthly, or according to your set time scale. It shows the number of retweets, mentions, and direct messages or a combination of them, that you receive at any given time. Apart from that, you can also evaluate growth from the number of people who follow and un-follow you.


On the other hand, the engagement report shows you the people you have engaged with over a specific period of time. It highlights everyone who has mentioned you or any of the keywords that you are targeting in your social media marketing campaign. You can see their names, avatars, rating score, engagement & follower count, and their respective statuses. is a powerful tool that allows you to engage and track member activities on a daily basis.  If you’re not using then you are actually losing out on potential leads and an opportunity to build and nurture life- long relationships. makes it easier to manage Twitter relationships without compromising the credibility of your brand. As with other relationship management platforms, discipline and consistency is key to establishing and sustaining positive relationships.


I would love to know if you have used, and if so, what has been your experience this far?


I invite you to share your thoughts, experience, and tips.


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