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Curation is a term widely associated with art galleries and museums. Essentially, a curator acquires, collects, organizes, and maintains items which are also presented for the public to view. Without a shadow of a doubt, countless concepts of the real world have transferred to the World Wide Web in various forms. Some of these ideas are based on providing virtual versions of tangible items such as E-Newspapers, E-Books, etc. On the other hand, various real world concepts serve as the foundation of an innovative idea and an electronic version of the concept is developed with relevant modification. Concerning this reality of the situation, Content Curation is an electronic or digital process of curation.


Quick Facts About Content Curation

Content Curation

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Content Curation is the process of developing a collection of content available on the internet. However, the aggregate digital content must be homogenous in nature or organized around a predetermined theme. In other words, Content Curation which is relevant to the selected topic serves an alternative to creating new content for the same purpose. In addition to the importance of coherence, Content Curation must also focus on a format or pattern to present the curated content in the most appealing way for the audience.


In the online business industry, content marketing is the process of producing as well as republishing content to share on business websites for the purpose of generating traffic; which is essential for making sales. This means that Content Curation is one of the several tactics commonly used for content marketing.


Types of Content commonly curated by online businesses, aiming at content marketing, include:


  • Articles
  • Images & Videos
  • Audio Clips
  • News Publications


A Few Misconceptions are also linked with Content Curation. Many beginners in the field of content marketing consider it to be the same as plagiarism. This is a misapprehension because plagiarism involves claiming false ownership of content while Content Curation is an act of republishing content specifying its various sources.


Another misleading belief is that Content Curation relieves them from the hassle of creating original content which makes it an extremely easy alternative. It may be easier than developing high quality content but it also demands great attention to detail so that the collected content delivers a delightful experience for the audience. Otherwise, dull and irrelevant material is likely to have the contrary impact of driving traffic away from a website.


The Benefits of Content Curation are enjoyed by curators and audiences alike. Website visitors find good quality content on their area of interest in one place. Although search engines can serve the same purpose, the overwhelming number of search results lead people to overlook innumerous sources that are valuable for them. At the same time, content curators use it as a golden opportunity to generate traffic to their website.


Some Examples of Content Curation are listed below:

  • Post shorter adaptation of the original content and clearly link the source for further details.
  • Add images with curated articles for instant visual appeal.
  • Provide catchy captions to curated images to keep hold of audience attention.
  • Include captivating headlines and summaries on your video curation site.
  • Present curated content in creative formats such as tabular arrangement.
  • Incorporate related news from authentic sources to validate the selected theme or topic.


Rules of Thumb for online business websites, to use Content Curation as an effective internet marketing tool, are:


  • Highlight the original source with its link.
  • Focus on high quality content rather than going overboard with the quantity.
  • Be imaginative with content selection but never deviate from the website theme and business goals.
  • Combine Content Curation along with other content marketing tactics so as to develop an all-encompassing strategy.


How Content Curation Helps Build Brands Online


Online business owners rely on internet marketing with the objective of increasing traffic on their website and eventually generating more sales. However, many internet marketing efforts tend to be beneficial in the short term only. Since online marketers are increasingly aiming at customer acquisition along with long lasting customer retention, they must pay attention to building a strong brand online. This is when content marketing comes in handy for successful online branding.


Contrary to popular belief, branding ideas for online businesses do not only require original content. In fact, using Content Curation alongside other marketing tools is a great way to build your brand. Here is how Content Curation can kick-start brand-building for your online business:


It Drives Traffic


As much as the sources of original content are relevant and coherent with your brand, Content Curation is likely to attract most appropriate and lucrative traffic to the website. A larger audience from the targeted segment results in higher sales potential. However, the curated content must reflect the overall branding strategies and values so as to keep the traffic engaged to the website and build strong customer relations.


Content Quality Translates into Branding Success


Superior and valuable curated content leads the audience to perceive the brand to hold high quality. This clearly means that the digital content must be thoroughly evaluated in terms of its accuracy, reputation, and appeal for the audience. If a brand hits the spot with high quality content, then it has succeeded in communicating a consistent brand image to the target audience.


Content Curation Adds Value to Content Creation


The early stages of brand building demand extensive effort in acquiring the attention of a relevant audience. Apart from being noticed, a new brand takes time to be recognized for its original content. The captivating content curated on the website of a new brand begins with building a customer base which inevitably begins to acknowledge the content produced by the brand. This is indeed an essential benefit for brand awareness among actual and potential customers.


As an outstanding branding tool if done effectively, Content Curation gains a spotlight among up-and-coming online brands; including those by home based business owners. Content Curation offers the opportunity of building a brand with endless ideas; curating various types of content ranging from controversial to informative, textual to graphic, and so on.


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