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Today’s businesses are flooded with opportunities of making money online, but to do so, they are required to create and implement contemporary marketing tools. Since the advertising and promotional campaign follow the principles of Internet Marketing, businesses use a combination of tools for the purpose of online lead generation. Among these, an effective and popular tool is Content Marketing.


Basically, Content Marketing is the activity of sharing content online, either original or syndicated, which would create value for the company’s target audience. As a result,  Content Marketing enables companies to access their potential customers and convert them into actual, loyal customers in the future.


The simplicity of this definition makes it an appealing approach for all types of businesses. However, there are no easy ways to success and many companies realize that content development is not their strong suit. This means that Content Marketing is a comprehensive field with many intricacies to take care of. For example, the theme and topic of shared content should have attention-grabbing abilities for the target customers.


There are many attributes related to the overall content quality which play an important role in the success of a Content Marketing campaign. This leads companies to either develop a strong in-house team or outsource their content development project. Moreover, there are additional aspects related to the type of content and frequency of its sharing which also help in creating a stronger impact on the target audience. For example, businesses have come to realize that Viral Content is a crucial strategy to engage with a wide base of prospective customers.


As one would expect, Viral Content is the use of techniques which ensures your content is distributed across various platforms and among maximum possible number of target readers and viewers.


What You Should Do to Create Viral Content




Attract Through Abstract


No matter how captivating your content may be, increasing competition makes it necessary for all businesses to share their content on a variety of online sources. Although this tip is useful for Viral Content, it is important to instigate interest in the readers on sources other than your own blog or website. Therefore, short and attractive abstracts on interactive forums with a link to the original content is an effective tip for creating  Viral Content.


Learn from the Affiliate Marketing Concept


While Affiliate Marketing involves revenue-sharing, the concept could always be used to promote free sharing of content. When a business wishes to create Viral Content, it should share its content with existing group of readers and customers mainly those on the opt-in list. When content is shared with a segment of the target audience which is already in touch with the business, it is important to motivate them to further circulate the content. There is no doubt about the importance of high quality for this step to be successful. However, it is still advisable to present your target audience with the permission to  forward it in a way that they feel they are entitled to a sort of an exclusive right over your content.


Use Just the Right Ingredients


The type of content and its quality can inherently motivate the target audience to willingly make it go viral. Some of the main attribute of Viral Content are:


Spread Optimism


Generally, majority of people have a natural inclination towards content which guides them towards optimism or maybe show a ray of hope for solving their problems. Positivity and optimism is thus an important requirement of creating Viral Content.


Add Value All Along


This is quite a logical requirement for the development of Viral Content. Basically, valuable and useful content with the ability to help readers achieve substantial results has the highest preference among any targeted segment. If you succeed in creating such value in the lives of your readers, you should feel confident that you have successfully ensured that it goes viral.


Trigger Emotionally


This is an extremely effective yet overlooked element for Viral Content. The basic idea behind this tip is to create Viral Content which engages the audience on the basis of their emotions towards the theme or topic of the content. Since this is a crucial tip for developing Viral Content, further details are explained in the following section.


Play With Emotional Elements


We all are aware of how important it is for businesses to share interesting content for the audience. But, it is a big concern to succeed in this strategy. Let’s not forget that emotionally moving content has a strong capability to capture the attention of readers. At the same time, let’s also not forget that creating  content on topics to which your readers are emotionally attached to is a sensitive matter. Along with the possibility of creating great Viral Content, there is always a risk for it to generate a bitter response if the readers feel their feelings were hurt. Here are a few ways for safe, positive, productive, and emotional Viral Content:


Similar Emotions, Diverse Expressions


The objective of creating Viral Content is based on motivating actual readers and viewers to spread around your content. However, it is important to keep in mind that a single targeted segment may have similar interests but heterogeneous styles of learning and understanding a piece of content. Every Viral Content which is based on emotional triggers must be shared in a variety of ways, such as:


  • Textual Format
  • Visual & Graphic Representation
  • Supporting Images & Videos
  • Simple & Straightforward Topics


The following list comprises of options which can be used as emotional elements for promoting  Viral Content:


  • Friendliness
  • Joy
  • Bravery
  • Affection
  • Entertainment
  • Stress Relief
  • Hope


Emotion-based Viral Content has the ability to encourage readers and viewers to circulate the content. This is because sharing emotional content makes them feel positively responsible in many ways. For example, some people may feel they were able to help others by sharing valuable content while others may feel that the top-notch quality of the content they forward reflects well on their image among other readers, and so on.


Waste No Time in Creating Impact


The emotional element should not be used as a surprise in a later part of the content. In fact, the sooner you create an emotional impact, the higher chances of making it  Viral Content.


All in all, the influence of your Content Marketing efforts can be enhanced through Viral Content. The key “trick of the trade” is to beat your competitors by acquiring the essential insight on your target audience’s preferences and emotional responses.


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