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You probably are aware of how you can fully benefit from having controversial blog posts. I bet you are also knowledgeable on how controversy serves bait to either your blog’s stardom or downfall. Thus, carefully creating a controversial topic must be something you are adept at before you even think about trying on this traffic-generating technique. Fabrizio Van Marciano shares on his blog his very own “170 Blog Traffic Tips” eBook absolutely free ! I must say that it is something I enjoy reading because it offers a lot of fresh, helpful information about successful blogging at no cost.


In response to the author’s 24th tip, I am elaborating on how to create a controversial topic and generate traffic.


Controversial Topic and Traffic Generation

Controversial Topic

1. Back up your controversial topic claims with facts


There’s no surefire way to win a battle than arming yourself with the weapons you need. This applies to all aspects of life including blogging. Before you choose to post a controversial topic, make sure you research everything carefully. No one wants to be accused of badmouthing, exaggerating or handling false information. Of course, you should expect your readers to comment on your controversial topic. You don’t like to be labeled stupid, might as well back up your controversial topic with facts. While your readers may disagree with your viewpoint, the facts you present will leave them respecting your right to informed and factual opinion.


2. Specify your argument


Creating a controversial topic by stating general statements are often misleading. Instead of ranting about something in general, narrow your argument. Specify the points you disagree about, including the individual who said it. This will make your controversial topic concise and straightforward. You won’t have to suffer from further misinterpretations then.


3. Carefully select your argument


Some people are desperate enough to search for something to disagree about. They begin creating a controversial topic on the most popular argument they find. I am telling you how terrible of an idea this is. When you write a controversial topic, only choose an argument that you personally believe in. This will make you more confident to defend yourself when people start to bombard you with criticisms.


4. Don’t ever think of retracting your post


As the name implies, a controversial topic will put you in the hot seat. So, before you post a controversial topic, make sure you understand all that it entails. Prepare yourself for countless disagreements from your readers. This shouldn’t scare you, to the extent that you would reverse your previous argument to please them back. When you retract your post, you are not only telling the world how coward you are but are also discrediting yourself. Reversing or retracting will lead to more readers lost and of course, a severely wounded online influence.


5. Choose your battles carefully


Comments are essentials of an interactive blog. Commenting on your readers’ responses on your controversial topic is even more valuable. However, you must do it carefully. Only comment back on those that provide facts themselves. Don’t fall prey to trolls who’ll only make your online image worse.


Watch the video of a Chiropractor who ran a very controversial Facebook ad and generated traffic.

[imaioVideo v=1]


Wrapping it up, controversy can boost your blog’s traffic, only if you know how to handle it well. Before penning a controversial topic, evaluate yourself on how far you are willing to go for this proven traffic-generating strategy. Once you go all out, there is certainly no point turning back. Always embrace the facts. That’ll save you from trouble later on.

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