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We certainly should be aware of the world’s new conjunctures. We have to admit that many disciplines have taken new dimensions and that the sizes of several behaviors have changed. On the other hand, the world should be aware of its amazing speed that might occur as benefit and end up giving bad results. In few words, people should not keep being only amazed; they should ask questions too!


Blogging is one of the most current activities today. After the old journals and diaries that used to get lost in older closets, the new technologies have afforded a new way of sharing memories and experiences with the world. Indeed, these new methods are certainly more developed than those our parents used to apply; however, this fact should not be confused with the aspect of priority, since we can’t know for sure what the best way of sharing proper content is.


Blogging as a Marketing Tool


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On the other side, blogging has been used, starting from few years ago, in different domains. Now, political opinions are transmitted through shares and posts and people are actively interacting and discussing, in a very free way, for long hours. Also, blogging is currently used for reaching marketing goals, considering the fact that it offers the amazing opportunity of gathering a huge audience and then sharing whatever message we would like to transmit, without any concerns about the time or the costs.


All these elements would certainly underline the numerous advantages of blogging that are related to marketing objectives, however, having a deeper look would certainly awake our conscious mind. Indeed, blogging does surely not have only positive effect on the marketing managing. In some cases, blogging could be referred to as a dangerous tool.


In fact, talking about blogging might occur easy. If the whole story is about having posts on a constant time scale and keeping in touch with an audience, then why would we worry? There is no easier marketing tool of blogging, unless you are aware of the following!


In reality, blogging does not give time limits, consequently, it might take you a whole day to provide your audience with proper new content. Also, the complex world of blogging would require new content at a daily scale which means that it will be a long daily task.


That being said, some people would not mind giving blogging the time it needs as long as it gives great results. We would agree with this argument, if only we had a guarantee that people we are interacting with will be converted into actual clients, and most importantly active buyers.


Indeed and unfortunately, there is no guarantee of the positive results of buying. In reality, blogging is more about debating than buying and the only sure and obvious reaction we can get out of blogging is certainly the long argumentative conversations that are going on in several blogs.


Therefore, if the main objective of marketing is pushing people through the buying process to the purchasing step, then blogging is certainly not an efficient tool.

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