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I have no doubt that creating and using an eBook for marketing is one of the most powerful techniques of internet marketing.  The reason for this is simple; eBooks have the potential to increase customer engagement and increase revenue from product sales.   Besides that, they can also establish you as a niche expert and increase your exposure and chances of making money online.


Individuals who have embraced it can attest to its power in lead generation and product promotion.  Seeing the immense value that eBooks have in product marketing, I want us to look at how you can use eBook for marketing to promote your products and business online.


eBook for Marketing

1) Provide Solutions in Your eBook


If you want to generate more sales through an eBook for marketing then you have to write a powerful and valuable eBook.  You can increase the value of your eBook by packing it with useful FREE information, expert advice, and proven solutions.   Creating a valuable eBooks will help your buyers to decide between two options or solutions that are available.  Trust me, customers will readily access and download your eBook for marketing if it provides real solutions to their problems.  Therefore, you should not fail to provide timely solutions to customers or prospects who actually need them.


2) Talk about the Real Benefits of Your Products


Secondly, it’s very important for you to highlight the benefits of your products in your eBook for marketing.  Don’t just list the features but highlight how individual features translate into real benefits.  Customers don’t just want to buy a product because it looks good or it is reasonably priced. They want to know the tangible benefits of your products. By highlighting the benefits of your products in your eBook for marketing, you will help customers make an informed decision when buying products.


3) Interview Industry Experts


Do you want to generate better leads and create more value for your customers through your eBook for marketing? If so then you should consider interviewing leading industry experts and including their expert opinion and recommendations in your eBooks just as you would in online video marketing.  Trust me, this will give you an edge over your competitors who are selling a similar product.


Also, bear in mind that most consumers trust the opinion of industry experts than local marketers.  Featuring expert opinion or recommendation in your eBook for marketing will allow you to sell easily and quickly so don’t hesitate to talk to a niche expert or leader.  I believe that most experts would be agree to an interview if you approach them in a professional manner and explain how your business will gain from their inclusion in your eBook for marketing.


4) Provide Free Copies of your eBooks


One of the most effective strategies for eBook marketing is to create a free eBook that solves problems or provides valuable information to your prospects and customers.  I know you’re probably wondering – how does a free eBook for marketing translate into more sales?   Offering free eBooks increases your chance of reaching out to many potential customers worldwide.  Besides increasing online lead generation, a promotional eBook will also attract prospects and encourage them to share your free eBook.


5) Create eBook Chapter Preview


The secret to succeeding with an eBook for marketing is to create preview chapters before publishing and disseminating your eBook.  Creating an eBook preview allows your customers and prospects to peek at your eBook and see the benefits before downloading or reading the entire book. You can just create a preview of the first two chapters and a table of contents for the whole book. The reason is that most readers want to get the fundamentals first before they can read the entire eBook. So, create a preview of your eBook for marketing and give buyers reason to access and read the rest of the eBook.


6) Promote Your eBook Adequately


It’s not enough to create an eBook for marketing; you have to promote it. You can use email marketing to encourage prospects to join your mailing list or use social media marketing to get the word out.  You should also use attraction marketing to win the hearts and minds of prospects so that they can read your eBook.  I also encourage you to embed social sharing buttons in the eBook download page and promote the links to the eBook on Twitter and Facebook too.


7) Add a Clear Call to Action


Finally, you should add a clear call to action in your eBook for marketing. Don’t just create an eBook and assume that your prospects and customers will read between the lines. You have to provide content marketing cues and ultimately, urge them to buy your products.  You should ideally include your call to action in the last chapter or in the closing sections of your eBook.


8) Focus on Your Customers


As a rule of thumb, you should write your eBook for marketing with the needs of your customers in mind. Don’t just write to fulfill your long standing desire to write an eBook. It will not do you any good.  What use is an eBook that seeks to gratify your needs for recognition when it offers little or no value to your customers?


To make your eBook for marketing successful, you’ve got to provide 80% valuable information (that addresses the needs of your customers) and remaining 20% information about your products.  Also, since you won’t be paying for any shipping charges, you should provide free copies of your eBook but if you must charge, you should make price of your eBook low enough so that buyers can purchase it if they so wish.


If you seriously want to promote your products and services online then you should use eBook for marketing today.  eBooks have a great potential in generating leads and, revenue, and establishing your reputation as a niche expert. Promotional eBooks also allow you to share your expertise, market your products effectively, and expand your network marketing reach. With such benefits, you have no excuse for not using eBook for marketing your products today.


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