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Integrating social media and email marketing campaign is a powerful technique of attracting and engaging diverse customers and prospects.  It has the potential to broaden the awareness of your brand, increase the number of subscribers, and improve your capacity of making money online.


Also, while some people may be comfortable with emails, others feel better off with social media.  So, if you integrate your email marketing campaign with social media, you will effectively cater for the needs of customers and prospects who are attracted to either of the two channels.


Email Marketing Campaign

Image Credit: Maria Peagler


Embed Social Media Buttons in Your Newsletter

Embedding social media buttons in your e-mail newsletters is the simplest way of integrating social media and e-mail marketing.   Adding social media icons will help you extend the reach and influence of your email marketing campaign considerably.  When you add social media buttons, you also increase the click-through rates and conversions of your e-mails.


Though you have the freedom to decide which buttons to use for your email marketing campaign, you should ideally add social icons with links to each of your social media pages (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn).  Some e-mail providers allow you to insert links for each social media button that you want to display. Each button is then rendered in your e-mails when you send them to your readers.


Encourage Your Readers to Share

If you want to maximize the reach of your email marketing campaign, you should also encourage readers, customers, and prospects to share your e-mails once they receive them.  The reason is that some subscribers may overlook or not even think about sharing when reading your e-mails.  To increase online lead generation, you have to remind and encourage them to share the e-mails with friends or colleagues. It’s not enough to ask your readers to share; you should create a powerful call-to-action that gets the reader’s attention and compels them to act quickly.


Whenever you create and send e-mails or links to your content, you should encourage readers to share.  There are two ways you can encourage readers to share content in your email marketing campaign. You can either embed social sharing buttons in your content or invite them to forward your e-mails to their friends and associates. It shouldn’t surprise you that most of your subscribers are connected to other people who are also connected to other people.


Add Subscription Form to Your Social Media Page


If you want to convert existing fans and followers into loyal readers and customers then you should create and add sign-up forms to your social media page(s). Adding a sign up form is an essential strategy for attracting new members to join your network marketing circles. It works well if you have a cool landing page.


Facebook has an option that allows you to design and embed a subscription form on your fan page or promote links to newsletters in your website or blog.  Alternatively, you can copy and embed a link to an external sign up form which your fans or followers can access when they want to join your mailing list.


Promote Email Sign-up Via Social Networks


Another simple way of integrating social media and email marketing campaigns is to encourage fans to sign up for your newsletter via your Twitter or Facebook page. You can simply to this by posting links to the sign up page or your custom landing page.  Sometimes, fans and even customers may not sign up for your email newsletter because your content marketing proposition is too salesy. However, you can overcome this by creating an interesting survey and sharing the links in your social networks. This will give readers and prospects the impetus to sign up and complete the survey. By creating and promoting links you’ll give your fans and the general public a reason to check out and even join your mailing list.


Provide Irresistible Incentives


It’s not enough for you to just write and automate your email marketing campaign and expect immediate results; you have to give subscribers a reason to want to join your mailing list.  Give readers and prospects incentives once they subscribe to your e-mail newsletter.  As part of attraction marketing, you should offer exclusive content, or a free webinar, or free eBook to readers who join your mailing list for the first time. Alternatively, you can offer coupons to prospects or readers who “like your Facebook page”. These and other email marketing campaign incentives will encourage fans and followers to join your mailing list or follow you in your social media sites.


Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Another incredible way of integrating social media and email marketing campaign is to use social media for cross-channel marketing management. You can use social media to follow up and engage subscribers who don’t open and read your emails. Instead of segmenting and re-targeting them with different e-mails, you can send them automated messages on their Twitter or Facebook inboxes after a certain period of time.   To do this, you’ll first need to mine geographic data from Facebook and use it to send Facebook messages to readers or customers who buy products from your store.


Drive People from Your Thank You Page to Social Media Site


Driving new subscribers from your “Thank You page” to your social media site(s) is a simple, but effective technique of integrating social media into your email marketing campaign. Don’t just direct subscribers to the “Thank You page” once they respond to the call-to-action. You should engage them further by redirecting them to your social media profiles. To do this, you need to embed social media icons with links to your social media pages or even an online video marketing link to YouTube.


Integrating social media and email marketing campaign can boost the reach and effectiveness of your internet marketing campaigns. Simple techniques such as embedding social media buttons to your newsletters, adding subscription forms to your webpages, and encouraging readers to share will drive engagement and build customer loyalty. You should leverage the power of social media marketing and social sharing especially among readers who have social media accounts.  When you do this consistently, your e-mail open rates and conversion will improve tremendously.



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