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If you are still searching for random reviews about Empower Network before you finally join this phenomenal movement, here’s the second part of my Empower Network Inner Circle review. Keep your eyes locked ‘til the end and you’ll see that it’s worth more than your hundred dollar investment.


Empower Network Inner Circle


Part 1 of the Empower Network Inner Circle Training here. 


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #26: The Power Of High Touch Marketing (With Thed Sims)

If you are trying to build your own list, this audio is certainly something you must listen to. Thed Sims makes you understand more why building a list is so crucial in Internet and network marketing. Here, you will be learning the secrets of attraction marketing and how to keep your team motivated. He also shares how EMPOWERING the Empower Network is.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #27: Offline Advertising Secrets, and HOW To Use Systems (Chuck Marshall Interview)

    I have converted the real audio training with Chuck Marshall as a give away. 

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    Empower Network Inner Circle

It’s great to know that although the world is engulfed in technology, offline marketing strategies are still effective success tools. Chuck Marshall has been doing fabulous in network marketing for over 6 years and admits owing it to offline advertising (i.e. magazines). David Wood asks him to share insider secrets in dealing with new people in the team and upselling using offline marketing strategies. If you think that the world revolves around the Internet, this is a must-hear for you. This only proves that there are still traditional marketing secrets that never run out of style.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #28: Secrets of Upselling New Customers (with Steve Lauri)

One thing I love about Empower Network is that it knits together all the brilliant people in one place, so the positive energy gets higher. It always opens its doors to individuals who are able to create dramatic changes in other people’s lives. Just recently, a new authority in Internet and network marketing, Steve Lauri, was introduced to help others succeed in their home based business. Steve discloses some secrets in up-selling new customers, which will undoubtedly increase your team size and profits while empowering others to do their best.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #29: Mastering the Funnel with Dave & Dave

If you are wondering how you can make the most out of being an Empower Network member, this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Dave and Dave discuss how you can leverage the Internet by understanding and utilizing the marketing funnel to recruit people and help them transform their lives for the best. I recommend you to listen to this audio 2-3 times a week until you are able to master the funnel even with your eyes closed. You’ll be surprised with the results you’ll get after applying all the info in here.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #30: Closing Like Clockwork with David Sharpe

I totally agree with everything that David has to say in this audio. Success is directly proportional to your value in society. It’s not just about your personal success but also about helping people unleash their full potential to achieve their dreams too. Here, David reveals all the things you have to ask yourself and everything that is necessary to close sales/memberships. I suggest you keep a pen and paper handy so you can take note of what you need to reflect on. This will make the application a lot easier.



  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #31: Bob Anderson – Millionaire Monster Comic Book Style

This is a fascinating story of a man who suffered an electrifying near-death experience yet emerged as one of the earlier authorities in network marketing back in 1992. Find out how Bob Anderson survived his tribulations and the number of people he helped in his first venture in network marketing. Bob pointed out  that it’s not actually the products or the company itself that make people join you but the people you connect with and the system that the company has. While this may sound like a superhero comic novel, I am telling you this audio deserves your time!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #32: Interview With Top Producer Beau Bridgewater

Success doesn’t always come easy for most people, and I certainly understand what it entails. Speaker Beau Bridgewater shares his actual experiences in chasing success – the ups and downs of his network marketing career. This is one captivating audio because his life experiences resemble many of the typical marketers’. It’s not a new thing to get screwed up, but his attitude towards these unpleasant experiences will remind you to not give up on your dreams. I totally agree that success leaves clues, and this is one of those clues left for people who are genuinely serious about their own success.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #33: Don’t You Ever Quit

This audio does more than just push you but also gives you the exact dos and don’ts to succeed at it. David Wood generously talks about the mistakes you commit that are making you broke and what you must do to earn yourself large sums of money. If you listen to this audio 3-4 times a week, it will change your prospecting BIG TIME! This certainly calls for a drastic change in your ways. What a priceless find!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #34: Interview With Barbie Zabel

I am sure that you’ve heard top Internet marketers telling that keeping it real is the entrance to success. We all love to partner with real people that is why I am certain that you’ll love this interview with Barbie Zabel. This lady rocked the Empower Network leader boards by storm and everybody’s wondering how this gal made it quietly to the top. Listen to her as she speaks of her story about her graceful entry in network marketing. This inspires the ladies out there to make a difference in their lives too and shows what “girl power” is!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #35: David Sharpe – “How To Escape The Newbie Zone”

Newbies must hear this audio! Venturing into an Internet and network marketing business is usually exciting in the beginning. I understand the drive that you have to make it like other successful marketers did. However, since you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with the formula of success, not every newbie reaches the success ladder. Chances are most newbies fail and lose interest. I recommend that you listen to this audio from start to finish. David Sharpe with guest Tracy reveals their very own secrets. As Tracy puts it, take note of what you think are helpful information, apply it to your business and get results. This is something worth listening if you are serious about creating wealth and success. You will be surprised at the speed of your journey. The next thing you knew it, you’re already out of the newbie zone and ready for the next level!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #36: Interview With Brandon Koon

If you think that age and experience do matter in Internet and network marketing business, you are wrong! Brandon Koon started it all at age 16 and turned into a leads monster, getting over a hundred leads a day. The shift from employee mindset to business owner mindset brought the positive changes in his life. So, if you think you can’t do it, listen as he unveils the secrets to making it in the Internet and network marketing industry. You would surely hate yourself for not doing what he did when all seems simple. Nonetheless, it’s not too late for you. Tune in to this audio and start doing his advice for dramatic results.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #37: David Sharpe – “Killer Copy-Writing Secrets”

If it strains your neck to write the perfect email or sales letter, you gotta hear this one from David Sharpe. His experiences have taught him lessons the hard way. Failures and successes made this man a killer copywriter! How about a free copywriting lecture? This is surely more than the amount you invested to join Empower Network. Listen to him, take note of his writing advice and try writing a sales letter by yourself. The next thing you knew it, you no longer need to outsource the writing of your sales letter! This is certainly the perfect intro to becoming the greatest salesman in the world. You’ll love this, that’s a promise.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #38: Jon Mroz, How to be a ‘Sponsoring Machine’

Learn the ingredients of success from another expert, Jon Mroz as he talks about quality blogging. This audio will not just teach you about sponsoring others into your team but will also tackle the salient aspects of Internet and network marketing. We are all eyeing for success and this one’s a perfect eye opener. It’s good to know that joining Empower Network is not about competing with others in the circle but about creating quality, which is the primary magnet of success.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #39: Interview with Lawrence Tam, #1 Income Earner in Empower Network

You probably heard the name Lawrence Tam a lot of times by now. Who wouldn’t know this top income earner guy in Empower Network? I bet everybody wants to be him. That’s not impossible! Lawrence is one of the more generous people in Empower Network who don’t hoard their knowledge and here’s another superb piece from him. You would absolutely benefit a lot from this audio. Learn the Lawrence Tam way and see if you can apply it for your personal success too. It all boils down to thinking outside the box!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #40: Aaron Rashkin, Multiple 7 Figure Producer on ‘Leadership Concepts’

If you are part of the small 3% of the world’s population who are creating significant changes in their lives, I am congratulating you on choosing the path less traveled. Couple Aaron and Sophia know exactly what you are going through just to stand up for your choice. This couple had gone through the world’s resistance too when they were still trying to establish their names in the Internet and network marketing arena. Not all the world can leave the conventional ways and embrace the innovations, so you gotta make your heart and mind sturdy. This audio reminds you to keep pursuing your dreams. I recommend that you listen to this weekly if you need a little more push.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #41: Rob Fore, Marketing Phenom, $15K Per Month Earner

This is another inspiring story of somebody who took risks to start his business, went broke and literally homeless, and landed on his spot in the Internet and network marketing field. Discover how you can build your own list too and remain in the level playing field. I am assuring you this one will make you cross your limits and increase your belief level.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #42: Kris Darty, Rising Star, $13k Earner and Founding Member

Do what you want to do. This is one thing I picked up from this audio, which is really packed with inspiration. If you think, there’s nothing right going on in your life right now then you must listen to this. Find out Kris Darty’s simple secrets of success. You’ll be so glad to listen to this because it just gives your spirit a solid boost!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #43: Tracey Walker, Industry Phenom, $10k Earner and Founding Member

Tracey Walker puts the listeners back to reality and reminds everyone that there is no shortcut to success. I love this audio a lot because it talks about DISCIPLINE, which is one thing to master if you like to succeed. This audio is something that divides reality from plain ideas so you should hear this before you get too indulged with your overnight success fantasies.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #44: Toby and Layla Black, $20k Per Week Founding Members

One thing that’s extremely hard in an Internet and network marketing business is getting people to join your team. Most people are too inquisitive that they pass up on fabulous opportunities. If you have a lot of thoughts about joining Empower Network, then I recommend you to listen to Toby and Layla’s audio. These two leaders didn’t know a thing about business. What they only possess is the hunger for success, and this has been the exact reason why they are enjoying a lifestyle that’s too far from being mere musicians. Their story only proves that even commoners can climb the success ladder if they keep the fire within them burning. It’s all about enthusiasm and hardwork after all.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #45: Audio of The Week

If you are still wondering what Empower Network is all about, I suggest you hear what Dave and Dave have to say. These two have done so much in their Internet and network marketing career that people like to mimic what they do. However, not everyone has the ability to do what these brothers can. Great thing Empower Network is born. Even without experience in Internet and network marketing, you can achieve success. Listen to the core values and mission of Empower Network. This might be the signal you’ve been waiting for to finally give it a go.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #46: Down and Dirty Marketing Secrets

Most of the time we do things that we are not supposed to do merely because we don’t have the slightest idea of it. Before you let your business sail, you gotta hear this audio. The precise things you should and should not do are elaborated in here too. Dave and Dave have been through the ups and downs of Internet and network marketing, so tuning in to this audio will shorten your learning curve and raise your awareness to full level.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #47: Hypotonic Selling Secrets

Finding the right words to sell or to entice people to join you is usually the hardest part especially since many are skeptic about jumping into a business venture. Great thing this audio comes to rescue. Learn the words to use to attract people into your business the David Wood and David Sharpe’s ways. One is a marketing genius while the other is a sales letter guru, which only means that you can never go wrong once you apply the principles of these brothers. Don’t dare miss this out!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #48: How To Close 95% Of Prospects Into Your Business

One thing I love about this audio is that David Wood gives actual instances where you can use the appropriate language to close your prospects. His approach makes it realistic and very easy to apply in anyone’s prospecting efforts. Listen to this audio a couple of times a week and you’re set to become the next significant figure in your business’ niche!


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #49: The Power of Unity

Life is all about building relationships with others. No one can make it alone, and Dave and Dave totally has a tight grasp of this reality. If you think you can prosper on your business without rubbing elbows with anybody, then you are wrong. You need people and here’s one audio to remind you why.


  • Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #50: Influence and Inspire People To Buy Your Products, Join Your Businesses And Love You For It

If your thinking aligns that of successful people and you have an intense hunger for results, then this audio is highly recommended! Dave and Dave share how you can get the most out of your business. Discovering what makes them huge personalities in Internet and network marketing niches are priceless add-ons. Be inspired and influenced and become inspirational and influential in return and see how everybody else starts to desire being you!


The Empower Network Inner Circle is surely a remarkable investment. Besides huge ROIs, you will be molded into the next big name in whatever business you are into. The Empower Network Inner Circle offers lots of resources for your personal and professional development. One day you’ll thank the heaven for letting you bump into such an incomparable find like Empower Network Inner Circle!

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