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Today, social media is an integral part of almost everyone’s life and Internet marketers find comfort under the roof of engagement marketing without really noticing it. Currently, you don’t have to passively sell your products or offer your services to your prospects but resort to building a rapport with them first. In the world of engagement marketing, you are actually not selling or offering anything to your audience or marketing your brand to them but merely “engaging” with them. Now, what does engagement marketing really mean and what good does it bring to you and your business?


Defining Engagement Marketing


This video asks you the biggest question – What is your engagement marketing strategy?

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Engagement marketing is when you interact with your audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and the likes. Engagement marketing happens when you continuously feed your social media friends with content that sparks likes, comments and sharing. Engagement marketing becomes your effective weapon by enabling you to spread your brand to your social media friends’ social network.


What Differentiates Engagement Marketing From Traditional Marketing Concepts?


Rather than dominating the communication process through traditional marketing, engagement marketing allows you to interactively participate with your customers or prospects. In traditional marketing, the call to action is something like “buy this” or “buy from me” while in engagement marketing, your call to action is getting a conversation going – your social media friends like, comment on or share your posts.


Many successful marketers view engagement marketing as the evolved “word of mouth” marketing. The only difference is that people don’t hear about your brand but see about it online through various social media platforms. Engagement marketing thus is a viral marketing method.


Who Benefits From Engagement Marketing?


The power of the Internet is limitless. Whether you are an owner of a small business or a top brand worldwide, you certainly can benefit from engagement marketing. In fact, there are even job vacancies designed for sole engagement marketing purposes (think about social media marketers that businesses hire).


Engagement marketing is used by most businesses as an avenue to maintain good relationships with their existing clients and establish rapport with prospects. Small and start-up businesses usually benefit from engagement marketing the most. This is because they rely on referrals to get known and engagement marketing is one platform that can help them reach a broader market.


Truly, engagement marketing is well-worth your effort especially if you have considered other marketing tactics and got no positive results. However, instead of spending huge portion of your time doing engagement marketing, I recommend that you do this for a shorter period on a regular basis. If you are not the techie type of person, the learning curve might be tedious but you’ll soon get a hold of it so there’s nothing to worry about.


How Can You Start Doing Engagement Marketing?


My advice is to keep it short, sweet and simple. Figure out the topics that people find interesting and want to talk about. Remember, people like to discuss and share valuable and entertaining content so do your homework. Instead of thinking about trying to sell something to your social media network, focus on creating a conversation with them. Next, come up with a little incentive for those who actively participate in your threads.


Another thing, please don’t settle with only one channel. If you’re adept with Facebook, explore other media like Twitter, Digg and Google+. Remember when you first got started with your Facebook profile? Every social media website experience will give you the same feeling of trying to figure out something yet reward you with entirely different engagement marketing outcomes. One last reminder, CONTENT IS KING so refrain from a copy-paste post. This will look spammy so instead of having people notice it, they might just ignore you.


In Conclusion


Engagement marketing should be a vital part of your social media marketing effort. You should not only create social media pages to sell but to give your friends an interactive and unique social media experience. Only then will sales come naturally.



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