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The rapid pace of its growth and popularity has made Facebook to become quite the “happening spot” on the internet. But this is not just in terms of individual users who spend time on this social media network to keep in touch with their friends and family. Facebook has evolved into an essential Internet Marketing tool for businesses.


Facebook Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


In terms of businesses and their promotional strategies, most new and small business owners are bound by financial constraints to implement a comprehensive marketing campaign. But when it comes to Facebook Marketing, it gives small businesses the chance to devise and launch strategic social media marketing campaigns easily. This is because it is a low-cost medium that allows small businesses to:


  • Create and Increase their Brand Awareness
  • Create and Share Content to Communicate with the Target Audience
  • Build Customer Relationships
  • Attract Traffic to their Business Websites
  • And Much More

Successful small businesses have also created a variety of best practices to follow that their counterparts can use in their Facebook Marketing campaigns.


The following section includes some effective, real-life examples of Facebook Marketing examples. The objective behind sharing these examples is to help small business owners take inspiration from them and come up with their own creative and valuable Facebook Marketing plan.


Dress It Up With Custom Tabs


When you create a business page as part of your Facebook Marketing plan, you will find a set of predetermined tabs. Since these tabs are available to every other business page, you should use the option of creating custom tabs to:


  • Make Your Page Look Different Than Others
  • Include Options Relevant to Your Business and Facebook Marketing Objectives


Unlike corporate giants, small businesses can only implement limited marketing and advertising efforts. But Facebook Marketing is their way to follow or learn from the examples set by industry leaders and use them in a relevant and viable fashion.


For instance, Coca Cola uses a variety of custom tabs to enhance the experience of new and regular visitors alike. Some of the informative and interactive tabs include:


  • Your Stories
  • House Rules
  • Events
  • Ahh Giver
  • Coke Zone
  • Coca Cola Global Community


Use Complementing Images for Your Cover & Display


As much as it is important for your Facebook Marketing to be creative, it must also be meaningful. This is why your display image and cover photos should both be in line with your business type, Facebook Marketing goals, and attention-grabbing capability. A good example is that of The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by AdozenGirlz . The choice of images for their display and cover photos is just appropriate to communicate a great deal about their business in jut a glance.


Give Them the Attention They Deserve


Facebook Marketing is an excellent source to acknowledge your most valued customers through their activity on your business page. As a result, small businesses should keep track of their audience’s activity and thank them by making them feel special. This can be done by a simple application that enables small businesses rank their audience on a variety of criteria.


An outstanding example of Facebook Marketing is by Chocolate for Breakfast, a small culinary business that has a custom tab to rank its Top Fans as Chocolate Lovers.


Relevance & Facebook Marketing Go Hand in Hand


Sometimes it is easy for small businesses to get carried away with Facebook Marketing trends that demand innovative content sharing and frequent posts. As a result, they often stray away from the central idea of their business page and their business objectives. Needless to say, these mistakes hold a great impact on the target audience. Your regular followers will take no time in feeling a difference when the value and quality of your shared content begins to deteriorate. The solution to avoid this mishap is to consistently focus on creating and sharing relevant content.


For example, Easy Lunchboxes is devoted to its target audience that comprises of mothers and other individuals raising a family. This is why they continue to share value-adding content relevant to their promise of providing:


  • Meal Packing Tips
  • Recipes
  • Links for Green & Healthy Living
  • Lunch Box Ideas


Other Creative Samples & Ideas for Small Business Facebook Marketing


Making money online is the primary goal of Facebook Marketing for any small business . However, this goal can only be achieved when business owners focus on creating Facebook Marketing strategies that enable them to:


  • Build Long Term Customer Relationships
  • Instill Trust & Confidence Among Fans
  • Engage & Interact with the Target Audience
  • Online Lead Generation


The following examples highlight the use of these best practices and their effective outcome:


Kimberly Castleberry


Alongside sharing effective content, Kim’s business page also flaunts its growing number of fans on Facebook. One of the most useful custom tabs on this page is the Fan Reviews tab, which instantly boosts the credibility and reputation of the business.




This Facebook Marketing page belongs to a small business that provide other companies with Email Marketing solutions. The visual branding and content used on this business page advocates the concept of using simplicity to create a big impact.


Pennsylvania Macaroni Company


This page is for a foods store that specifically sells imported Italian products. What makes their Facebook Marketing efforts worthy of mentioning here is the high quality of their shared content. Not only does this page share great recipes and images, they also have an effective strategy of keeping their fans engaged. This is done by introducing a wide range of questions related to food and relevant topics which encourage fans to participate and interact.




This business page belongs to an online retailer of swimming pool and spa supplies. It has a consistent style in its Facebook Marketing tactics. For example, all its uploaded cover photos follow a similar theme which increase their potential of creating brand awareness as well as instant recognition. It also has some great apps as well. For example, their app for Coupons effectively uses calls to action as well as like-gating tactics.

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