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The entire Internet marketing arena is going crazy about guest blogging because of the many perks that come along with it. Guest blogging, in fact, is considered by many Internet marketers as one of the more powerful online marketing strategies. However, some also argue about others’ misconception and misuse of guest blogging.


I personally use guest blogging for social outreach, because I view it as an effective tool to strengthen my online reputation. Guest blogging is indeed an awesome perk of being in the Internet marketing field, especially if you know how to handle it properly.


Why Should I Consider Guest Blogging?


Check out the following infographic which gives you a quick overview of the difference between a regular blog posting and a guest blog posting .

Guest Blogging

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Here is another great visualization of  “The Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blogging”  I recently Tweeted.


Guest Blogging can help you in multiple ways, specifically in link building. However, before you actually get into guest blogging, I recommend that you look into the term more deeply. Unfortunately, there are some online marketers who guest blog only for the purpose of link building. They bombard the online sphere with irrelevant guest blog posts instead of going for high-quality. Perhaps they don’t understand that link building through guest blogging comes with the huge responsibility of writing relevant content. Whatever you share online defines your credibility. Would you be dumb enough to sacrifice your reputation with a carelessly researched and poorly written post? I hope not!


People care about what you share online. It gives them a peek at your personality. It establishes your credibility as a resource for a specific topic.


Here are some of the most common questions about Guest Blogs:


Can Guest Blogging Really Help Me Build Relationships with Other Site Owners? 


Guest blogging enables you to establish relationships with many online users as time goes by. Don’t expect a single guest blogging effort to do the trick. Guest blogging works best when you consistently do it with excellent content. Doing so makes you more than a link builder. It makes you someone sincerely concerned about the community in which you participate.


Does Guest Blogging Make Me an Expert? 


An improved online reputation depends upon keeping up with high-quality and regular guest blogging efforts on authoritative sites.You gain others’ respect of your viewpoints. You become an authority figure in a particular niche or topic. People begin to realize and appreciate the value of information that you share. They become drawn to your personal blog. This is when your hard work starts to pay off.


How Does Guest Blog Posting Open Doors for New Business Opportunities? 


Once you have built a credible online reputation through guest blogging, people will eventually flock to your personal blog to see what else you have to say. Closing sales then becomes natural. Guest blogging has the ability to open new doors of opportunity because you are generously and genuinely sharing worthwhile information.


Should I Open My Blog for Guest Blog Authors? 


Guest blogging doesn’t end with you writing for other people’s blogs. Guest blogging can also be a personal option for your blog. While establishing your authority through other authoritative blogs, you can also help others build other bloggers’ reputations by welcoming them onto your site. Announce that your blog is open for such opportunities and personally invite those who you think can contribute significantly to your blog. This way, you are able to return the favor to others too. Remember, Internet marketing is all about building relationships so don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity to establish great ones.


Does Accept Guest Blog Posts?


Yes! I do accept guest guest blog posts. I have been receiving several emails asking to submit posts. I have turned down several and accepted only a few. My first guest blogger rule is the contributor needs to be a real person with “qualified” social media profiles. I do not encourage marketing companies who are link building for their clients and send me articles with fake author profiles. If you are a real author or a blogger or a small business social media manager, you are most welcome to contact me to publish your guest posts. Hit the contact me button here if you are a real author and NO fake profiles please.

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