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I think Google+ has weaken the fan base of Facebook by providing an alternative medium for social interaction. The rule of thumb of internet that, “do not be just better – be 10 times better”, is followed by Google religiously as it keeps plugging Google+ into core websites provided by Google making it the stronger giant in the field of internet. Here are some of the reasons Google+ is going to win the war:

 Google+ Vs. Facebook


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1. Ultimate Google Experience


Google+ is the social spine of Google. With incorporating Google+ in its entire product, a Google+ account is all you need to make the most of Google.


2. Better Privacy


​Although both sites have some privacy issues, but with the history of privacy breaches made by Mark Zuckerberg, it is not tough for users to see which site respects the privacy more.


3. The Google+ Timeline Bomb


With the introduction of timeline, Facebook put thousands of dollars invested by businesses in customs widgets and tab to vain. This caused the businesses to rethink their social site choice-enter Google+.


4. Friction-Free Sharing in Google+


Google+ has been struggling to lower down the friction that comes with sharing something on the social platform. Google+ has a feature called Instant Uploads which uploads the pictures while taking this process in the background of your smart phone. This also enables you to share your pictures by just a simple click or touch of finger.


Facebook has introduced a feature which shows who saw your status updates and this is going to create a lot of friction between you and your friends who think sharing on Facebook is the way to live. Google+ is the one actually concerned about less friction unlike Facebook which is giving news ways for friends to fight.


5. Google+ Events


Google+ events are an easy way to arrange as well as manage events. There is a feature called party mode which assembles and integrates all the pictures related to a certain event taken by the people who attended the event. This organized way impresses people and causes them to invite their friends and family to be a part of this ultimate experience.


6. Google+ is Proactive


​Google+ is proactive! Why? Because it already has some long term plans to make the social network a more user friendly medium. With the quick and effective search utility that they provided with Google, they made the life of a million people easier. Now, if this utility is incorporated in the Google+, indexing brands, people, places and objects for search think how easier everything will be for an average person including you and me.


When it comes to the battle between Facebook and Google+, people have picked their sides, but in truth and all honesty, the year 2013 is the year of Google+. It will build a critical mass to reign over the Facebook population with the new and innovative features which are yet to be unleashed by Google. Your move, Facebook.

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