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There are absolutely a lot of things that you must learn about Internet marketing and you probably get overwhelmed with the terms that you are encountering for the first time. Well, this is where having an Internet marketing mentor becomes your wisest decision!


Who is an Internet Marketing Mentor?


While almost everyone else who knows how to use the Internet is presenting himself as an Internet marketing mentor, there are only a few ones that you can legitimately trust. A real Internet marketing mentor is somebody who’s willing to teach you how to fly instead of giving you his or her wings. He or she is someone who shares his or her knowledge or experiences with you and guides you in the right path. However, Internet marketing mentoring would only turn out for the best if you are ready to accept the knowledge, feedback, advices and analysis of your mentor.

Internet Marketing Mentor


What to expect from an Internet Marketing Mentor?


An Internet marketing mentor will not feed you. S/he will give you instructions, assignments and an action plan. These are some of the ways that you will learn. However, before you hire a paid Internet marketing mentor, you have to consider several things.


Where to find an Internet Marketing Mentor?


One way to be in touch with only the best Internet marketing mentor is to ask around online. If you are a newbie, you can join forums and ask for recommendations. You can also do your own research about Internet marketing mentors that you can trust and who actually made a huge difference in many people’s lives. You can get in touch with his or her customers to check his or her reputation.


Once you have chosen an Internet marketing mentor, find out how he or she can get in touch with you and how the mentoring will take place. Will it be through email, phone call, webinar or one-on-one session? Then, might as well check your Internet marketing mentor’s accessibility. Will he or she be able to communicate with you easily? Can he or she accommodate your inquiries in a timely manner?


But, what if you aren’t ready for paid mentoring, is there something else that you can do in the meantime?

ABSOLUTELY! Most paid Internet marketing mentors also offer free mentoring that lasts for a couple of sessions. If you find yourself still not yet ready to spend some cash, try to get free mentoring first. You can avail free mentoring via newsletter subscription, forums and networks and master mind groups as well.


Get a free 25 minute internet marketing training from one of my mentors, David Wood by clicking here. And If you don’t know who is David Wood, watch the video below.

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