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While money is viewed as one of the most important factors in keeping your team motivated, there are just a bunch of other aspects that you must ensure are present within your team.


Keeping Your Team Motivated

Six Simple Tips for Keeping Your Team Motivated


Before any team gets successful with its endeavor, as a leader, you have the biggest responsibility in keeping your team motivated. How exactly can you do this?


Keep your team members involved


Every team members wants to get involved with any progress that’s going on in the team. You always have to remember that each of your team member has insightful ideas to share most of the time and you can’t make the most out of it unless you ask them one-by-one about their inputs. When you constantly keep you team members involved, you are definitely doing a good job in keeping your team motivated. Having them involved makes them buy-in more and resist less thus, you can easily implement any change that you want to happen.


Communicate effectively with your team


Perhaps you noticed that I have been emphasizing about effective communication too much in my posts. This is because effective communication is a critical part of our lives. You are keeping your team motivated when you communicated with your members effectively. Effectively communication is successfully relaying your message and getting understood in return.


Always update your team with everything that’s happening in the business and always ask them about their individual concerns so you can immediately attend to their inquiries and needs. Remember, communication is a two-way process so never dominate this process.


Recognize individual and team performance


Recognition is one the main reasons why someone sticks to a team or organization. So, keeping your team motivated means appreciating the achievements of your members individually as well.


There are many ways wherein you can show your appreciation of your team such as issuing awards, sending thank you, birthday or anniversary cards, making personal phone calls, sending personal emails, and so on. Focus on the excellence that is being displayed by your team members. Such small and simple gestures will continue to reinforce them to perform at their best.


Set challenges for your team


You will be surprised at how much accomplishment your team can actually achieve when you give them the opportunity to perform. Thus, one way in keeping your team motivated is to set realistically attainable challenges. Let’s say for example, gradually raising your target sales monthly and providing an extra reward or recognition to the best performer of the month. This will absolutely drive them to do more than what is expected of them.


Give your team ALL the necessary tools to succeed


And I literally mean ALL that your team needs to succeed – trainings, information, resources, assistance and so on… As a leader, your goal should not only to lead your team to the right direction but also to develop new leaders within your team as well. You have to cultivate their knowledge and skills because this will help your team achieve success faster and easier. You are keeping your team motivated when you provide them all the necessary tools that will prepare them for success.


Once in a while, you always have to check if you are keeping your team motivated or you are starting to kill the enthusiasm in them because of your other personal activities. Keeping your team motivated is entirely different from micromanaging your team, keep that in mind. As a leader, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are doing your BEST to help your team achieve its full potential. After all, your team represents YOU too!


Now all the above tips for keeping your team motivated are for someone who has a considerably large team and has established in the internet marketing industry. If you are one of those internet marketers, struggling to get leads, your priority should be building a team. Check this free video and get some tips on building your team by clicking here.

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