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A good leader will always stand out from the rest. While there are absolutely a lot of people who can perform their duties well, not everyone is capable of leading.


Let’s take for example a teacher who excels in imparting knowledge to his students. While he/she may be looked up to as a truly good teacher, he/she may not be that capable in being the head of the faculty. So, distinguishing whether an individual possesses the qualities of a leader is another thing besides knowing one’s performance. These are indeed entirely 2 different things.


Effective leadership is the ability to lead and be followed without intimidating others. Certainly, every organization needs a leader. In all cases, leaders are the ones that make people move. They are the motivating factors. The same goes in Internet marketing or in anything involving a team setting. How then can you recognize if who you are following really has the makings and the leadership qualities that you should be looking for?


Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities




One of the leadership qualities that must be present is vision. A great leader has a clear picture of where he is going. This is crucial because he will lead others to the path that he is traveling. Unless he is so sure of his direction, he won’t be able to effectively lead his team and worse, his followers will be straying one by one until he is all alone in his vision-less journey.

Talking about vision, you have to watch this video



How will others look up to you if you don’t have one of the leadership qualities that is, integrity. Integrity is the synchronization of outward actions and inner values. In short, a leader of integrity is someone who is the same inside, out. Some of the signs of integrity include predictable reactions, honest dealings, well-controlled emotions and absence of tantrums, hostility or harsh outbursts.




Being creative is one of the many leadership qualities too. A great leader is no copycat. He always has his imagination moving and has his own ways of attacking things and putting ideas into reality. Nobody wants a leader who mimics another leader. If this is the case, then followers are wise enough to shift to that other leader who their leader is imitating. After all, leadership is all about being unique. Creativity catches people’s attention and earns people’s respect.


Sense of fairness


An effective leader takes no sides and gives credit where it is due. The word “bias” is never in his vocabulary. This is one of the numerous leadership qualities that most followers are searching for. Of course, everyone is in constant search for motivation and one would continue being motivated if they feel appreciated and valued by their leader – EQUALLY.


Sense of humor


Alright, this is one leadership quality that many leaders fail to possess. Even if you are leading others, you must not focus on your authority and lose your sense of humor. I bet you’d like to be followed out of respect and not out of fear. Never lose that element of fun in your leadership. Be interesting. Breathe some air into the connotation of a leader that is, strict. Loosen up a bit and make yourself approachable and a fun leader to follow. Trust me, sense of humor does a lot of wonders especially in awkward and not so pleasant situations so always keep it handy.


Leaders are not born but made. So, if you are fretting because you have only checked one or two of these leadership qualities that I’ve shared with you, forget it and instead focus on developing yourself and knowing everything that you need to know. Remember, experiences shape people. Who knows, after a lot of exposures and trainings, you will find yourself armed with the necessary leadership qualities that you aren’t aware would bloom at the right time?

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