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People love lists, it’s a fact. According to research 28% of all web content consists of lists. They are way to explain, present everything that is not possible by using blocks of text. Most common lists are formed with bullets, numbers, and they are part of our social media world.


Visionary Nick Kellet, came to an even better idea to create multi-purpose, easy to use media-rich lists named Listly that could be integrated into social media networks. I am about to explain some of most interesting features “Listly” Provides.


Listly Review



Usage of Listly lists


Unlike other tools I reviewed in a last few days, “Listly” is not an independent, isolated web service. It’s just a tool. It can be used directly embedding into WordPress, Typepad, Joomla, Blogger, etc. or by Plugin into your self hosted WP blog.


To start creating Listly lists, you need to visit Page. Once you are there, register, and you are ready to go.  Listly website is beautifully designed; on a top of a page there is “New List” button link that will bring you pop-up window where you are about to create your first list.


Adding items to list


After you have created your first list, you need to fill it with content. Listly lists can be filled with different content. Once you decide to add an item to a list, you will have to choose between “item with a link” and “item without link”.


If you decide to link an item, all you need to do is paste (e.g. Youtube video) link, after which listly will extract metadata and add it on a next available number-spot.  Listly do recognize many popular web services and treats them in unique ways. Like if you linked Slideshare item, you will be able to browse slides, YouTube items will be playable directly from the list etc.


Items without link are different. I had to enter item name, description and tags. In my example, I wrote item name: Cow, description: fast cow, tags: black, cow. What happened? Listly has automatically chosen Black Cow from a public image repositories and added it next to my item name. Neat! However, if you don’t like the image Listly choose, you may edit a link and choose another image suggestion.


Listly lists are also popular because viewers can comment, share, and vote for every presented item.  It’s worth to mention that all lists include basic view counter and number of list subscribers.


After you have finished creating a list, you can share it on popular social networks or use code to embed them on your website. However, many people consider using plugins than editing website code manually.


Premium Listly features, more Mojo!


If you want to use all Features you have to pay! Price is 99$ for a year. Additional features for paying users are:


  • Draft Mode – Put this list in draft mode. You can still share it via a secret URL with collaborators before you make your list public
  • Hide Moderation Queue – When turned on, users can still add items to list, but they will not be visible to others until you accept the item into the list.
  • Comments – Turn off comments for items in list
  • Add Item – When turned off, users can’t add to your list. You can also use this temporarily while starting the list or to stop accepting a contribution at a later time (such as for contests with deadlines)
  • Voting – When turned off, users can’t vote. You can also use this to stop voting beyond a deadline (such as contests).
  • Pick a layout – Select a layout for your list from Full, Short, and Gallery styles.
  • Feature An Item – Feature an item from the list at the top.
  • Random Feature – When turned on, Listly will feature an item in random when a visitor views the list.


Listly is an excellent tool for creating lists. However, professional users won’t use a free version a lot. If you want best of Listly, Get a premium!


Here is an example of list created with Listly: Feel free to add you blog to this list if have CommentLuv enabled and allow dofollow links.

[listly id=”2Pw” theme=”light” layout=”full” numbered=”yes” image=”yes” items=”all”]

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