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There is no denying that the number of users of mobile is growing day by day. The smart phones are so easily accessible now that the business market is also trying to take over this medium too; hence we present mobile optimized websites. But there still are many businesses which do not have opt for a mobile optimized website, which will push them further behind in the competition.


Here are some reasons why it is important for every business to have mobile optimized site. The numbers of users who access the internet via their smart phones consume about 10% of the global internet traffic. It is predicted that with the passage of the time, the number of people using internet through their cell phones will be bigger than the number of people who use internet from their computers. About 8% of total online sales in US which can be roughly approximated around $6.7 billion were made on a mobile device! It is forecast that this amount will reach $31 billion by 2015.


With this much popularity of mobile optimized website, there are many businesses that still do not have one. They bore their users with the traditional website which takes a lot more time to load and the navigation is very tricky. Until now there are only 21% of businesses with a mobile friendly site. Not having a phone friendly website will not only cost you dollars but your brands will also lose the popularity. The number of people using smart phone for shopping online is increasing with every day. Therefore 1088 smart phone users were surveyed to find the advantages and effects of mobile optimized websites. Results showed that:


Mobile Optimized Site


mobile optimized site

infographic published in 34sp

  • Mobile optimized sites led to mobile purchases: if the users have a good mobile experience not only are they more likely to make a purchase, but they will also return for future shopping. Therefore, all the more reasons to have a mobile optimized site.


  • Shoppers will look for another site if your site isn’t mobile optimized: The users are more likely to switch a different site than switching from mobile to the PC. Therefore it is important to have a mobile optimized site to keep your business stable.


  • A bad mobile optimized site experience can spoil a brand’s reputation. If you do have a mobile optimized site but it still is not up to the mark; that will also cause harm to the reputation of your brand and company as well. You are giving the impression that you do not care about the comfort of your customer at all, but are only interested in making money. This annoys the customers more than anything and cuts down the chances that the user will return to your website in future. Therefore, have a mobile optimized site, but make sure it is a good and easy mobile optimized site!


In a nutshell, it is very necessary for every business now-a-days to have a functional mobile optimized site.

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