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Alright, so you have joined a network marketing business and started doing your own thing – calling prospects and initiating an invitation to join your team.

However, the conversation doesn’t turn out the way expected.

What are you going to do? Hang up and call back later,only to raise suspicions about your network marketing company?

Answer every network marketing question because you’ve done your homework?

I hope you’ll choose the second option.

Are you stuck? Then, lucky you!

I’m about to share answers to some of the most common network marketing questions you’ll face!


Frequently Asked Network Marketing Questions Answered Here

In the following video, Tim Sales answers two of the most common questions asked about Network Marketing

Are People at the Top Making Most or All of the Money?

Do People Who Get in at the Beginning Make Most or All of the Money?

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What is network marketing business all about?


This is one of the initial network marketing questions that you will be asked. You can answer it in two ways.

Option One: Tell your prospect everything is explained in your network marketing company website. Tell him you’ll answer any questions he has after he checks out the material. Option Two: Tell the prospect you can explain the details better during a face-to-face meeting.


Is Network Marketing an MLM business?


Respond to this question with another question — “Why did you ask that? Have you been in an MLM business before?” The only way to measure your prospect’s enthusiasm about your network marketing opportunity is to find out about their personal experiences network marketing and MLM.


What are the products in Network marketing?


About 90% of people actually hate sales. This is why many network marketing questions revolve around products and other ways to generate income. Give your prospect an overview of the products and their health benefits. Arrange a time and day to drop off samples the prospect can try. Once prospects find out your network marketing products are worthy investments, it will be easier for them to decide whether to join.


Have you made any money yet from Network Marketing?


People love facts. You can’t fool them by just saying “yes” to a network marketing questions like this one. Of course, you need to be factual and honest. Tell them you’re just starting in this business. Time, effort and hard work are needed to make income. That’s what you’re doing now and that’s what your upline has already done. Admit it to your prospect! Remind him that you can arrange a 3-way call with the sponsor to prove the marketing plan works.


Is network marketing also for professionals? I don’t want to risk my time and effort


Tell skeptics to read “Why We Want You to Be Rich?” authored by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. These extremely credible business people write about joining MLM businesses to get rich.


Network marketing requires effort and time. One of the obstacles to getting leads is overcoming prospects’ bad experiences. Some have been burned by fake network marketing opportunities. Be honest. Be clear. Be prepared to answer all the network marketing questions your prospect has for you.


What are your Network Marketing questions? Comments and questions are welcome.

Network Marketing Questions

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