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Mastering the art of effective networking makes a huge difference between success and failure for small business owners. Networking is a skill that can really make or break a business, but most approach it in a completely wrong way.Effective networking skills are a powerful tool for small business owners. It is important to give a personalized approach when meeting new people thus effectively increasing you network.


Look for public events to attend

If you want to refine your networking skills or to boost your business, try to find local social events and attend them. Everyone knows that attending your industry events and trying to meet new people make new contacts it is an essential part in growing your network and eventually your business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. For small business owners its essential that they use their networking skills everywhere not just for public event.


Meet someone new every week

It’s quite an easy task but yet small business owners fail to do it. If you never leave your chair and venture out of your office, nothing new is going to happen to you.  Just keep a diary and check it out yourself and write the number on new people you have met and kept in touch and you will come to know the facts. Try meeting over a cup of coffee and get to know each other and learn how you can do business.


Develop your social skills


Social skills is a mainly responsible for the success of your businesss. The best way to improve yoursocial skills is interacting with other, find people who share the same interests as you. Try to find people with good social skills, study them understand how they interact with others. Try to be the first to start a conversation and interact with everyone you see. You must have heard the saying “Practice make a man perfect” so talk and practice.


Social Media and Internet

The internet has been a perfect place for business people to interact with each other and their client, it has helped small business owners to get new clients and reach a wider audience. Join online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Pintrest . These are great ways for beginning social relationships and for finding out about networking events.


Here is an interesting infographic which talks about the shift in small business behavior. As you can see, 90% of the small business are networking online using various social media and making a strong presence.


Infographic from Manta


Know your desired audience

For small business owners its recommended to research and find your target audience. Try to interact with them, share your ideas get feedback. Once you know your desired audience half the battle is already won.


Follow up

It is essential to follow up with the people you have connected to. Periodically chat with them, send a text message, call them or meet up some place. Remember it’s not enough just to meet new people the important part is the follow-up.


For small business owners it is essential to carry your business cards as opportunities are all around you.

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