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One of the many Internet marketing strategies that you can utilize is online competitor analysis. Online competitor analysis obviously defines how well your competing website is doing. The function of this Internet marketing strategy is not to make you envy or push you to make desperate moves just because your competitors are stepping up in the online rankings and are actually doing well in converting their visitors to customers, but to give you an honest overview of your very own online presence.

Different Types of Online Competitor Analysis

Online Competitor Analysis

Online competitor analysis gives you ideas about your website’s quality and success. What are the various types of online competitor analysis then?

Competitor Keyword Analysis

This checks the keywords used by your competitors and how well these keywords are ranking. Keywords or search terms act as gateways of online success. They lead readers to your website. By knowing the keywords by which your competitors rank, you can easily figure out the ones that will help you rank too. Most of the time, only the top 10, if not the top 20 keywords are shown because these get the majority of clicks from people who use different search engines.

Online Competitor Analysis of Back Links

Another way to ensure a good online ranking is to have back links. Back links are links from external sites that lead to your competitor’s website. By doing an online competitor analysis for back links can help you check numbers, the quality and the source of links. As a newbie in Internet marketing, you can use the same sources to earn more back links for you site.

Competitor Content Analysis

Every website has content, which can include sales copies, blog posts, informative articles and free reports among others. The content serves as the heart and soul of your website. By doing online-competitor content analysis, you can view the kind of content that your competitors are making and whether their content is optimized. From there, you can work on improving your website’s content.

Website Optimization

It is very easy to make any website search-engine ready but having it properly-optimized can be a bit hard. This is the reason why many websites are not well-optimized and why other websites get higher search engine rankings. A structural or SEO-online competitor analysis can help you check for the elements that make a competitor’s website rank well.

By understanding the online competition going on in the niche that you are in, you are doing yourself a huge favor. Most of the time, challenges push us to perform better and become opportunities to show the best that we can do, and I hope that by performing an online competitor analysis, you will be amped up to improve your own Internet marketing efforts for the best!

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