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Becoming a credible and influential blogger in this tech savvy world is surely a challenging job. Perhaps one of the main reasons people find it so hard to do a good job at content marketing is because there are millions of bloggers online who claim to be the best. Sadly, only a handful of these are influential bloggers who really know what they are talking about.


If you are the owner of a new business or someone who works with an organization that is interested in increasing their branding efforts, you should know that blogging is the one thing which will help you achieve success.


Now keep in mind that even though there are hundreds of qualities or characteristics that an influential blogger has, there are some that are basic and fundamental. To build your online credibility as an Influential blogger and reap the benefits of internet marketing, you should cover those basics. So, without wasting time, take a look at some of the key steps you need to take to become an inspirational and influential blogger.


Influential Blogger

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1) Create a Blog on a Topic That You Are Familiar With


The first and most important step to becoming an influential blogger is to ensure that you are writing on a topic that you can really write about. If you are interested in personal branding, you should know that your credibility as an influential blogger is something that will attract a lot of people. Therefore, when you are selecting the topic your blog will be based around, make sure that it is something you are passionate about. Also, always keep in mind that the area that you are writing on needs to be broad enough to write multiple blogs on.


2) Be Consistent with the Blog Posting


Another important characteristic of a brilliant and influential blogger is that he/she blogs constantly. When you look at blogs that are being followed by thousands of people, you will note that they are consistent in providing quality content on a regular basis so their readers know when their blog is going to be updated. Blogging is great for business and you will without a doubt see a lot of positive change because of it, but this will only be possible if you are consistent.


3) Be Insightful About the Topic


Ask any follower of an influential blogger and he is going to tell you that the blogs that are posted are insightful and written in an expert way. Such blogs are always intuitive and have something intellectual and witty to write about so they are loved by one and all.


4) Be Unique While Writing Content


Often, you will come across so called ‘influential bloggers’ who write about the same thing as everyone else. Remember that even though it might seem difficult at times, the truth is that to be good at content marketing, you need to present something that isn’t already there. Yes, you can write about news that has everybody talking, but always remember to bring something new to the table. Explore the news or topics and look at them from another perspective and you will easily draw a lot of readers towards you.


5) Communicate With Your Followers


Another crucial aspect of becoming an influential blogger is to constantly communicate with your followers. If your followers are taking some time out of their busy lives to comment on your blog posts, you should make it a point to reply to them as well. Also, remember positively replying to critics is just as important as getting back to positive comments for an influential blogger because it shows that you are a professional. So, tackle any questions that your followers might have and take a step further by asking your readers what they’d like to read about.


6) Get Personal with Your Blog


Keep in mind that whether you are making use of blogging for attraction marketing or for another purpose, you should always add a personal touch. Remember that the main idea of a blog is to offer something personal, insightful and educational to the reader. So, to become an influential blogger, put a little of yourself in your writing. Also, be informal with your readers and write like your audience is sitting right in front of you.


7) Include Stats and Analytics


One sure way of attracting the reader’s attention and becoming an influential blogger is to analyze things and include some stats related to the topic. This is especially helpful with internet marketing because readers of this particular area will love to read about percentages and stats. However, be careful not to go overboard with stats because it will look like you are just trying too hard and your information may even be deemed unreliable.


8) Pay Attention to Detail


When you read the blogs of influential bloggers, you will realize that they offer deep insights to news and events that have been circulating. Therefore, if you want to be good at content marketing and have people really read what you have to say, pay attention to detail and don’t just add a lot of useless information to your blog. Remember that blogs that have a lot to say aren’t necessarily read and are in fact not preferred.


9) Be Passionate


All influential bloggers that you find on the internet are truly passionate about the topics they write about. Even if you’re blogging on a regular basis, remember that showing love and passion through your work is the factor that will attract a lot of customers. If you want to be an influential blogger, you should try to work diligently to provide the reader with an ultimate experience.


10) Reach Out to Other Bloggers


Finally, the most successful credible and influential bloggers are those who don’t live in their own shell. Bear in mind that for people to notice you and for your network to expand, you must think out your own world. This means that you have to reach out to other bloggers and read what they have to say. Interact with various other influential bloggers and watch how your readers increase from hundreds to thousands.


As someone who wants to be a credible and influential blogger, you have to be realistic about the outcomes and not expect remarkable results overnight. Also, even if you think that you haven’t mastered the tips mentioned above and become an influential blogger, remember that you will get better with time and practice.


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