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Popularity is everything. Building a recognizable brand or personal reputation is taking a lot of time and energy.How to succeed? It’s not about how much money you are about to spend. It’s about how well you will spend it.  Depending on time, budget and objectives one should think about hiring experts.


Experts are already full of knowledge and will certainly help you to reach objectives. However, a lot of people are already doing a significant amount of marketing on their own, and they need a particular guide on online marketing strategies, and this is written for them.


Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy


First Step is to Make a Good Website


For successful marketing venture, you need a good web site.  Without a good web site, everything else will be a failure. Website represents your online presence, and without one, you will not be able to reach many customers.  These are most important tips when starting your new web site:


  • Pick the right domain name. Picking a right domain name may have a huge impact on overall traffic. Having a good domain name that correctly describes your business or your personality will not only increase your website traffic but will also make you look more professional.


  • Design your website.  It is utmost importance to spend time and money on design. Badly designed website may hurt your overall traffic. Potential customers will not stay on your web site if it’s overburdened with unnecessary media and information.


  • Stay up to date. There is nothing worse than having outdated website. Outdated websites are among the lowest ranked websites in SERP’s and all visitors will mark you as unprofessional, and in a short amount of time your overall reputation will be ruined.


Start Using Basic SEO Techniques


I have already written several topics about SEO techniques. It’s very important that Google and Bing SERP’s present your company or your personality in the correct and desirable way. For the purpose of this guide, I will mention and describe some of them.


  • Indexing is a first step. Check that your web site is indexed within Google and Bing. If it’s not indexed, use proper procedures to submit your website for indexing. ( Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools)


  • Focus your keywords. Build your website around your niche keywords (don’t over do it). These words are important because they will place you in Google results when people search them. Related Article: Doing Your Keyword Research


  • Influence your site. Create useful website titles, write quality content, gain trust and recognized authority of which I have already written. By doing this, you will increase your overall page-rank that will push you to the top in SERP’s. Related Article: Why Social Influence is More Important Than SEO Tricks



This list is something one should check first. I suggest reading my previous blog posts which are focused on above SEO topics.


Step into the World of Social Media


Your devotion to social media marketing is a key to success. Being active on social networks is very important. Its place where you will promote, discuss, inform your potential customers about services you provide. Social Networks are the number one resource of information while SERP’s have become secondary resource. These are things that every business person, corporation should have:


  • Facebook page – Facebook is the biggest social network. Facebook page or the profile is the place where you will represent your products, invite potential customers and discuss them.



  • Linkedin – LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site. Join various groups and talk about your business and services. Related Article: The Power of LinkedIn



Start Using Social Media Tools


Social media tools have changed the way people are using social networks. They are usually web applications connected with social networks by user’s permission. They are presenting social media content in a different way and here is the list of most popular ones:


  • – Build and nurture relationships with supporters and potential customers with Twitter integration tool.
  • Cloze – is an aggregation and curation system for your social network.
  • AgoraPulse – Focuses on Facebook, interesting marketing tool.
  • Twylah – An excellent twitter client offering unique access to your Twitter profile. Related Article: Twylah Turns Your Tweets into a Pinterest Board
  • Triberr – This is Blog Amplification Platform. Realted Article: Can Triberr Really Expand Your Blog Visibility?
  • GaggleAMP – Social marketing platform that lets companies Amplify their social media reach.
  • SproutSocial – is a Social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence.
  • Buffer – Makes it super easy to share any page you’re reading on several networks at once.
  • – A power publishing platform supporting almost all social networks. Realted Article: What is How Can it Help Your Brand and Authority
  • HootSuite – Social Media management client. Related Article: HootSuite: Faster, Better — Probably the Best Twitter Web Application
  • Pinterest – A content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.


I would suggest combining few of them with your social network accounts. They will surely increase your overall website traffic and popularity.


Consider Optional and Premium Marketing Tools


Google AdWords – Start promoting your products and services by using AdWords. You can to sign up free and be approved for your ads to show up in Google networks.


Newsletters – Offer your visitors to sign up for a newsletter. Newsletters if done well can boost your website traffic. Most desirable newsletters are those rich with multimedia and discounts. People do love them.


I will mention other online premium marketing services like AdBrite, BitVertiser, Clicksor etc. They cost money but may increase your traffic a bit.


After reading all of this, you may think that this requires too much work. Actually, I have only scratched the surface. Now it’s becoming clear enough why some companies are hiring hundreds of people just to be part of their Marketing Teams. You can’t manage everything by yourself. It’s important to decide how far you are willing to go.

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