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Self-branding describes the process in which individuals and entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd. Their primary mission is, identification and affirmation of their own values, whether professional or personal, which is shared by means of different social media platforms.


Process of creating brand of your self is not an easy task. One must follow certain rules to achieve desired goal. No matter what you plan to do, you must separate your social life and business social life.


Self-Branding and Online Promotion




Do You Promote Yourself at All?


Ten years ago “branding” was reserved only to already successful personals like famous musicians, movie stars, high profile CEO’s. However, with an introduction of Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook, massive popularity boost of blogging services everyone can show their skill.


Today, we have a huge number of blog-writers, computer enthusiasts, who have hundreds of thousands social media connections because they managed to present their work and skills in the proper way. You may be better than those people, but without proper self-promotion you will not stand a chance.


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Start Using Your Real Name


Using false names do not serve anything useful. If you use Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networks, you must use a real name. False name or nickname will appear frivolous and will make you unwanted person for any further communication.


Examples of good use:


  • or namesurname


Discover Your Brand


You do not want to brand yourself for no purpose. You don’t want to waste your time. Think about it! What is your passion? You must focus on something. What attract you the most? For example, I have many friends with various professions. By visiting their blogs and social profiles, you can easily identify their passion.


Most interesting Web Careers:


  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Web Master
  • Writer and Editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • Many others…


Start Working on Your Brand


Now when you are clear about what you want to do, you should start working on it. Building an online brand should be done this way:


  • Create your portfolio and CV. – It is important to show all important information about your self.
  • Join Linkedin and fill it with your resume, cover letter and references. Linkedin is Business social network.
  • Join Explore B2B – An excellent business related social network with a great opportunity to meet potential associates or employers through writing and posting.
  • Start your own blog – Blogging is the best way to express yourself. Write about your profession. Show the world your skills.
  • Behave like professional – Posting controversial, immature and similar content will not help you. This must be avoided.
  • Join Twitter There is nothing similar to Twitter in the world. Becoming high profile Twitter user is a dream for many potential business professionals.
  • Join Facebook – I am not big fan of Facebook, but hundreds of millions of users could not be wrong
  • Join Google+Google+ is must have. Google is integrating this social network in its search engine more and more every day. Being at the top of Google SERP’s is very important.


After completing everything above, you should start meeting people. Start showcasing your work to your friends, acquaintances and other relatives. Talk and develop relationships with proven professionals, ask them for more advice. Your effort + connections via various networks will gradually make you a brand. It does require a lot of effort and time, but who dares Wins!

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