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In the past, it was easy for marketers and businesses to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.  Today, the case is very different.  The evolving social media systems and intricacies of social media personas make it difficult for marketers to target their audience effectively. In fact, marketers have to rely on advanced tools to determine the effectiveness of their content and links in social media spaces.


Social Crawlytics and Targeting Your Social Media Audience


Today, we are going to look at, Social Crawlytics, a nifty tool that has great prospects for marketers and social entrepreneurs. Social Crawlytics is the brainchild of Yousaf Sekander, a savvy search engine specialist who works for ElevateLocal, a leading UK SEO Agency.


What Exactly Social Crawlytics? is a robust standalone social media analytics tool that helps marketers and entrepreneurs monitor the performance of their URL links across social media channels. This tool helps marketers measure the effectiveness of the links as people share them in social media networks. Unlike other tools that monitor social reach in terms of numbers, Social Crawlytics looks at how web links are shared in social spheres.


The beauty of Social Crawlytics is that it is free. In fact, anyone who has a Twitter account can access it. If you love SEO or social media analysis, this tool will definitely change your approach to social sharing. Having said that, let’s now delve into the specifics of this tool.


While the rapid expansion of social media networks makes it very difficult for marketers to track and manage social media conversations, Social Crawlytics makes it easy to  analyze and establish the relevance and popularity of links as they are shared in social media spaces. If you’re launching a new website and want to see how your competitors URL are performing then you can fully count on this tool to provide you with reach and objective data for page analysis. You can evaluate keywords used in titles, theme, or the entire content quickly.


As you already know, search engines always rely on algorithm updates to accurately measure the relevancy and engagement of content. However, empahsis is also being placed on the content engagement via social media channels, a factor which now plays an integral role in estimating and ranking usefulness of content in SERPS. Social Crawlytics takes into consideration the number of shares of various pages on a domain and then uses that to determine the best link building opportunities. It offers better insight on how links perform within social networks.  You can easily use this tool to determine the best performing links and links the best prospects using this nifty tool.


While search engines are good indicators of the relevance of content, they don’t always help marketers determine the social relevance of links shared based on social personas.  To overcome this challenge, marketers need better algorithms to measure accurately the social relevance of links shared.  Social Crawlytics is cognizant of this factor as it seeks to improve social media exposure of your content through a better understanding of how links are shared. Apart from that, it also reveals the way people share links and the preferences of different social personas.  The bottom line is that this tool helps marketers analyze links much better and see the way they are likely to be shared across social networks.


Currently, developers are working on adding more features to improve analysis and the understanding of competitor’s social media campaigns. Besides that users can also expect to determine content that shares faster social shares across various channels in the near future.


The summary section features general information about the analysis report of your websites domain. It shows the number of pages crawled and the total number of shares found in various social networks. Besides that, it also shows whether or not all pages are being crawled during analysis.


From the dashboard, you can also see a summary of social media shares. This shows a summary of domain URL shares across all social media channels from Facebok, Twtter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, and Google+. The summary gives you a good impression of the popular links and how each link is shared across these channels.


You can also see the page shares by network and by content type from the dashboard. The number of page shares per network is depicted as a stacked column where you can roll over and see specific URL links shared. From the content pie chart, you can see which videos, images, and URL links draw the interest of your audience. It’s a good way of seeing and evaluating your own and your competitors social media reach and engagement level.


While social Crawlytics has many interesting features on the dashboard, none is as interesting as sunburst chart. The sunburst chart depicts the amount of shares relating to the sites URL architecture. You can see segments that represent individual URLs in relation to the home-page. Each segment actually represents the shares across all your social media channels. The chart is very useful in planning your link building campaign as it helps you focus on links that are shared widely in social media while at the same time being as close to the home page as possible.


Even with all the goodies that come with Social Crawlytics, social media pundits feels there is still room for improvement.  Those who have used this tool hope that the developers will incorporate the ability to scrutinize social channel lists for individual users and what they have shared. Besides that, they would also like to determine correlation between the rate of social shares and specific links in any domain.


Overally, Social Crawlytics is an ingenious tool that has already stirred the interest of social media marketers. This tool allows you to analyze popularity of URL links, see a summary of social shares of URL in your website per social network, and export the data to a CSV file for further analysis. The existing reports can be used in a multiplicity of ways, but the most notable is link building. As a free tool with lots of interesting features, Social Crawlytics brings a new perspective to social media planning and engagement.


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