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The social influence via social media sites will be more important than SEO tricks in 2013 because of the obvious reasons. With the advancement in technology and the growing power of social media, SEO is getting out of business in two years if not one. Here are the main reasons why:



Social Influence


Created by Google in order to cut down the SEO tricks and spamming of the content by low quality sites, these two are the updates which are the krypton to all the tricks played by SEOs.


Google panda is basically an update created to lower down the ranking of low quality sites. The sites which have plagiarized content, useless information and low quality ad system qualify as low quality sites. Google panda lowers down the ranking of that site and gives high ranking to a site that is high quality with original content and in depth research based articles with expert analysis.


It targets those sites which have low quality content with keyword stuffing just to reach a higher position in the search engine result all the while being valueless to the user. Panda worked by finding sites with enough pages reported by the users and then penalizing the site. It also stops the plagiarizing sites to get a higher ranking than the page with original content.


Google penguin is an update which targets the web spam. It looks up the sites which do not comply with the standard of quality set by Google then it lowers their ranking.  This is where social influence comes in handy as there is no such thing as SEO tricks in this world. You do not need to be worried about having a personal site which might end up not making it to the list of quality sites.




There are many SEO tricks which will be caught by the Google penguin and Google panda and penalize your website. There are three things that you need to stay clear of in SEO:


  1. Reciprocal links or link exchanges will not help you anymore but will hurt you.
  2. Don’t stuff your content with keywords. Make it look natural and have quality content so traffic is good with less bounce rate and more authenticity to your site.
  3. And also, vary your anchor text at a regular base or it will be considered spamming by Google updates.


Marketing and creating influence via social media is the cheapest thing in the world. It costs you nothing initially and is as easy as setting up an account with a social network. Having a social media presence is better in every way than SEO.  Many site owners gave up their traditional site for a social influence. Their social sites gained them more popularity and fan base than the normal site. With the ability to “go viral” online, you can cover more population than a traditional site.

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