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There is no site on the Internet that has managed to gather more friends, family members and co-workers than Twitterand Facebook when you think about Social Media. Since their inception, several years ago, Twitter and Facebook allowed us to use a variety of tools to express our opinions, share links and images. However, those two social media sites have become something much more than just a pastime.


If you recognize yourself in the next ten statements, it may indicate that you need to consider limiting your time you spend on those two social networks.


Social Media

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1. Checking Social Media Sites Every Hour


Nothing reveals you better than the fact you are a person who cannot imagine life without social networks, as well as the fact that you do not pass an hour where you don’t to open Twitter or Facebook profile. No matter whether you have a good excuse for it, or just checking news, joining ten times a day is not a good sign.


2. You’ve Learned All Posts, News and Profiles of Your Friends


If you know the exact number of your friends, the names of their photo albums, and what they wrote on your wall last Wednesday, it’s a very good indication that you have a problem.


3. Facebook and Twitter are Among the First Pages You Open When You Turn on the Browser


Although you may think that there is nothing abnormal, checking Twitter, and Facebook before the e-mails and news portals is very bad and dangerous habit, and the best way to waste your precious time.


4. Using Social Networks to Track the News


The creator of e.g. Facebook would be extremely proud of you to know this. Unfortunately, It’s not something you should be proud. Reliance on social network members to find out what is happening in the world is the best way to hear only one side story while remaining deprived of quality and useful information.


5. Using Social Networks in Inappropriate Situations


If you have to hide that you are connected to Facebook during work hours, sister’s wedding, family reunion, and all other important moments, it’s a good sign that you need to stop that. There is a time and place to use social networks, and it is certainly not during the funeral mass or similar.


6. You have all the Conditions for an Injury While You are at “Work”


If you feel pain in the index finger after seeing the 1128 wedding pictures of friends or your eyes hurt from several hours of staring at the small print on your wall, you have a problem, and you need to stop ignoring it. Social networks were designed as something you do in a spare time, not the activity for which you have to visit the doctor.


7. Putting Pictures of Events Before They Even Finished


Uploading pictures of holiday parties while they are not even close to the end, are another sure sign that Facebook and Twitter took your life. We know you want to get your friends feel like they are there with you, but for God’s sake, use these moments to take a short break from technology.


8. You Go Mad When Facebook Changes the Appearance

Social Media

Are you also one of those people who rage when they realize that the team from Palo Alto decided to move their most frequently used key on the other end of the site? If your answer is yes, think about how to make a break.


9. Farmville Champion


As social networks by themself are not a sufficient cause for addiction,  you’ve decided to spend time within something that is meant for spending time. If you haven’t realized by now, the only purpose of games like Mafia Wars and Farmville is to stay as long as possible on the site while inviting your friends to them.


10. You are putting a “Like”, “Comment”, “ +1”  on Everything


You are leaving your trail on absolutely everything. Give your attention only on what you really enjoy.

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