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The debate about the importance of business’s social media page versus the official website is not old. There was a time that the power of social media was underestimated but now, a new study revealed that more than 50% of consumers find a Facebook page more useful than the actual brand page.


Social Media Business Profile vs. Your Official Brand Website


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Brand loyalty is more important than ever in a social media enabled world. But loyalty isn’t enough. What brands really need to strive for is advocacy. That’s where consumers are actually spreading the message on behalf of the brand. Easier said than done, because consumers quite often go to the dark side where they’re moving against brands. And I would argue that most brands really need to focus on the negative sides of social media before they really try to hype up the positive.  


The social media is a relatively new phenomenon but it has rapidly taken over the world. Even the business market and client base platform now seek fame through social media. Now-a-days with the big three of social media namely “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “Google+”, it is a must for a business to have well established pages on these sites.


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As it is no longer just a trendy thing but more of a guarantee of having a business with secure place in both digital and traditional marketplace. New milestones can be accomplished using the social media sites as it offers unique tools. Take the social media site page as a necessary supplement your traditional website needs in order to improve the business.


The Survey


With a new study done by a market research company called Lab 42 , it is deduced that importance of having a Facebook page is more important than having an actual website (?). 1000 media users were made parts of the survey with questions related to their interactions with promotional business pages.


The result of the survey said that a good 82% of users found Facebook the best medium to interact with the brands although the main reason that they “Like” a brand is for the acquisition of discount coupons. 77% users have accomplished this goal and have saved money. If a brand is more than active- that is their posts are too frequent, 73% users un-Like them without hesitation.


But at the same time, 35% people think their voice is heard more on Facebook by the brands while 69% people Like a brand because a friend Liked it too. There is a 46% populace that Liked a page but have no intentions to buy main reason being they just wanted free give-aways. Other two reasons are expensive products and Liking the product to help a friend. 47% people un-Liked a brand on Facebook because their newsfeed was cluttered by their constant updates.


Own Your Brand or Business


A successful social media page is one which represents its business with great clarity. You need to know your business well enough to make such a social site page. A business which is large obviously needs different approach than a local business to be successful and famous. You can get national exposure by connecting to a larger audience if you are a big business. For local business, get fan base by giving personal touches to your page. You can use social media to interact with other businesses to form a network and increase your visibility in the market. Do not build your web fan base and then hand over to some third party!


Do not forget the fact that your Social Media business page or profile is only a vehicle to increase your brand awareness.  Your focus should be more on building your brand credibility and reachablity. Don’t let the tools take over your brand or business.

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