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In the last decade, I have witnessed a phenomenon of several social media revolutions.  Everything has changed in a matter of a few years. Before year 2003, people were grouping around various forums, user groups, IRC services for reasons of communication. Obviously that was not enough! Online Communication had to be reinvented!


Reinventing online communication was not an easy task. We all have personally witnessed the rise and fall of MySpace, Bebo and similar services. They were all considered icons of social media communication. They were first brands that managed to connect people in the way they are connected today.


Communication Over Social Media

Social Media

Popularization of private and intimate has become a lifestyle of modern man. Adults and children, as a particular form of socialization and communication, are using a variety of social networks for a leisure and relaxation.  When I say “leisure and relaxation” I mean browsing social networks by performing various types of communication.


Social Networks are made to spread communication between internet users. Communication between members can be performed on many ways unlike never before. These are only some of them:


  • Social networks encourage members to participate in Text – Video chats
  • Playing video games on social networks will force you to communicate with
    other players.
  • Being a member of different groups (e.g. Facebook groups or Google+ Communities)
  • Sharing your own content on social networks (pictures, video)
  • Giving personal opinions (Likes, +1)
  • Participating in various pools and sweepstakes


What is Good About Social Media Communication?


I am not overreacting if I say: every 2 years we have a new way of online interaction. If you analyze all social networks communication features, you will agree that they are great from in many aspects such as:


  1. Personal communication – Social Networks are connecting people in the way no one ever managed before by using previously mentioned communication methods.
  2. Business  – Social Networks have increased interaction & communication between companies and potential customers on the highest possible level.
  3. Marketing – Promotion has never been so cheap and simple to do.  People may promote, invite, talk about their products with other people.


People meeting people from different continents. Not to mention job finding opportunities, promotion opportunities etc. These are all good things about social media communication. As far as I am concerned, social medias are overall a good tool for communication


What is BAD about Social Media Communication?

There are just a few to mention. One of them is Privacy. One must decide the level of privacy on social networks. All social networks have access to your content, and you must not share or say anything you think that may usurp your privacy.


Nothing can replace oral communication. It’s impossible to show emotions, facial expressions, body positioning, gestures, voice inflection in textual discussions.  All of those can be expressed only in real life meetings between people.


There are some good and bad points about social media communication. It is a modern way of communication — interaction between people. However, online communication should not become your primary way of communication with people.


Nobody is forcing anyone to use social media for 24h/ day. Nothing can replace real social life. Communication over social media services is used just as an addition to real live communication and it should stay that way.

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