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Social networks have become one of the most powerful and also the cheapest tools for marketers. Today there is hardly any company, whether it is a multinational or a small business that does not have a page on one of the social networks.  It is not difficult to obtain a significant amount of fans, but the question arises how to keep their interest and convert them into customers.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

How to Attract Customers? Turn on Search Engines!


What are the chances that the name of a brand or product does not mention at least once among the 340 million daily tweets a day? You are right if you say no chance. This should be utilized.


If Twitter Chatter on social networks has not recorded mention of your product or brand it does not mean it didn’t happen, be proactive! Set up your Twitter search engine to track Tweets that include keywords related with your product. This will enable you deeper involvement in conversations about your products.


Discuss with potential customers about product quality, answer their questions, ask them about their opinion. Thanks to this kind of proactivity you will certainly sell few more tickets and reaffirm the importance of social networks in the process of deciding on the final purchase.


Photos, Photos, Photos …


Picture is really worth a thousand words and attracts twice more attention than the text itself. It is desirable to combine photos with those products who are in some way associated with a brand or a lifestyle that they promote.


Organize Sweepstakes


There is no better way to encourage fans to interact, we all love rewards. Although it sounds simple, it should be careful not to attract the wrong target group members. For example, a company that sells shoes and asks fans to share their favorite picture (of brand that sells of course) should reward the winner with shoes, and not with iPad.


Make an effort – be different


It is very important not to fall into monotony trap, especially if you are using multiple social networks. Ideally, you should give a different content on each network (of course while maintaining the basic features and company values). If they have identical content, user will follow only one of them.


Complete sales or promotional orientated sites leads to the loss of fans! Interesting discussions, topics and images may encourage your fans to interact, follow more regularly. Constant advertising content can be annoying. Show that it pays to be your fan!


Provide your social network followers an additional value. Show them that you appreciate them (e.g. Special limited edition products that are available exclusively on Facebook).


Make it Personal! – Try to Communicate with Potential Customers in a More Gentle Way!


Mass marketing and communication may be the simplest and cheapest, but you must keep in mind that customers are becoming more and more demanding. Involving the notes of personality and intimacy in communication with customers is an excellent foundation for developing a sense of trust and loyalty with customers.


So, dear entrepreneurs, managers and all those who are planning to become. You must ensure that communication via social networking works properly. Do not wait a month to respond to inquiries from fans. Send greeting cards for birthdays! Sometimes join a live chat sessions and most importantly do not ignore the negative comments, try turning them into positive ones.

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