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network marketing


Nowadays, many people feel very interested in network marketing. Its huge and free structure offers several possibilities to many persons. In fact, being an agent at a network marketing company means that you have no desk to sit on and no time limit to respect. It also means that your income won’t only be related to the products you sell, but also to the people you recruit.


The great number of advantages provided by network marketing has attracted people from all over the world. Moreover, it is no new discipline for people to talk about network marketing in every place. You can be sitting at a metro station besides a young woman that will start an ordinary conversation about a product and you will be amazed by how the discussion will flow until you are totally convinced to join a whole community.


Let’s be realistic: Who would not like to sell products at home or at a friend’s house among people he or she feels comfortable with, at any time the person likes? Moreover, who would not like to receive commission for persons he has convinced anywhere to join a community?


Actually, I have to admit that no person would… Unless he is aware of the disadvantages of network marketing!


In fact, besides its well sounding advantages, network marketing has several disadvantages that the lady in the metro station would not tell you about! The main principle of network marketing could be easily translated into a disadvantage if it is not well-managed. People who are keen on recruits are usually trying to interact with their first circle of entourage. The negative consequence of this act would be the weight of the failure of your friends in case they adhere. All the blame might be put on you, and you might sound like a liar to them, since they haven’t achieved as much as you and others did.


Moreover, talking about failure reminds of the fact that network marketing is no safe career. In fact, people who are asking you to join their community never emphasize enough the amount of money you are called to pay at the beginning of your career. In general, people do their best to buy their first products hoping that they will successfully sell them all. In case it does not happen, the amount of money would be a serious loss, and your failure to launch at the world of network marketing would be a deep deception.




Additionally, network marketing  obliges its agents to interact with many people. In some cases, you might end up having heavy conversations with people that deeply believe you are trying to steal their savings from them. Consequently, your work as a network marketing manager will not be an easy task and will necessarily require some calm atmosphere and a very good mood!


These being said, if you feel you are the person made for network marketing, give it a try, because you’ll never know if it might be something you will be very good at! After all, a lot of people have succeeded in legitimate network marketing opportunities.

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