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Few years ago, a blog was referred to as being a platform used by a person to write whatever she/he likes and receive comments in order to interact with a group of people that she/he calls an audience.


Consequently, blogging was all about writing and mostly the content of the blogs was more about personal experiences. Therefore, the activity of blogging was more likely related to young people that liked to share with their fellows different points of view away from a life they mostly found difficult!



Is Blogging an Activity for Young People Only?


Lets meet one of the oldest bloggers Don Crowdis from Halifax, Nova Scotia died at the age 97 on November 17, 2011. His blog Don To Earth…Again and you can read a short bio about him in Wikipedia  here.


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That being said, we come to believe that few years ago, no adult was holding a page sharing articles with a group of readers. Fortunately, this is totally wrong!


Blogging has become the most common activity. It is not a matter of age when it comes to sharing proper content with the world through a well maintained platform. Also, it is good to admit that blogging has more functions today than it never did before; the point of blogging now is not only about sharing personal experiences with people that might feel happy or sorry for the writer, it is more about sharing heavy points of view that change the world’s conjunctures at some levels.


It is true that young people are more used to write using blogs to diffuse their content. Most importantly, the fact that blogging is now used for other activities and even more goals does not exclude teenagers from the list of blog users. Indeed, using the wide web of internet, we always encounter some blogs hold by active and creative young people talking about different subjects going from love to death, but we also find some interesting blogs writing about products and companies. The truth is that the first part will interest a range of people and the second will attract another. In both cases, blogging matters!


Starting from this fact, we can easily apprehend that blogging has no age. It has taken different dimensions lately and it is used for more and more purposes today. Going deep into these facts will take us to the source of the blogs’ success.


Let’s analyze it all at once. The difference between adults and young people is certainly at a first level the age. Furthermore, we can talk about a difference of the level of maturity and also dissimilarity when it comes to the interests of each one of the two. However, if we stop looking for the distinction contrast, we will come to understand that there is a heavy common point between the two, and it is certainly the need of being heard.


Consequently, blogging enables both young and adult people to write and make sure to be heard and read, no matter what content they share. It is indeed the amazing effect of blogging on the entire world. Therefore, whether my readers are teenagers or adults, I deeply recommend them to hold blog pages in order to be heard and most importantly to be able to interact with a large audience and share different experiences and points of view.

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