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I don’t have to talk about the necessity of the presence on the social networks if someone wants to be successful. I am inspired by Steven Hughes’ post from yesterday, “Get Twitter Followers: Building a Foundation” which gave a real insight into Twitter Common Sense.  In my post, I will explain how to be successful on the micro blogging service Twitter, starting with the very basic, from you open a profile on Twitter.


How Can Twitter be Effective for Your Business?


Basic Twitter Guideline


Choosing a Good Twitter Username is Important, But Not Decisive


The first thing Twitter requires is a user name. Quite logically, when you open a business profile, select the name of your “business”. However, when you open a thematic profile, try to keep the name as clear, simple and short.


An excellent example of a thematic username is “@designersbooks” — used for a publisher of important, meaningful and formative books recognized by esteemed members of the design community. For a personal Twitter profile, your option should be “@name.surname”.


In the  video below, Natalie gives a quick tour through Twitter homepage and give some basic tips on setting up your account.

[imaioVideo v=1]


Give Attention to Your Own Profile on Twitter!


Use a photograph, illustration, or whatever you choose as a profile picture – anything instead of the standard Twitter egg. Using the default Twitter egg brands you as an amateur. Consequently, the egg won’t attract many visitors. My choice for business would be the logo or some product that can identify your business. For example, a photo of a bike to represent a bike manufacturer or retailer.


Profile descriptions are imperative. Descriptions are the first product or service encounter for potential Twitter followers.  Would you like to attract potential followers?  Keep in mind that badly written descriptions discourage follower loyalty.


Effective Twitter Marketing for Business


Twitter can be a business bonus when you consider marketing, sharing information and communication with other clients and customers. Having a part-time Twitter account is insufficient and not recommended.


Build Your Company’s Credibility Through Communication


Web services cannot be profitable when potential customers ignore you. Throughout the game of finding adequate ways to earn money or cash in your product, it is important to hold onto your most important asset – Customers! How do you make this happen?

Help your followers. Answer questions. Take part in discussions.

Share tips from your life and business practices.

Share photos (I recommend a service called Twitpic) from conferences, travel, company products or other interesting pictures.

Share observations of conferences, business news and other various timely events.

Share news of your expertise, industries and company trends and everything else related to your business. Add comments.

Expand the Number of Followers


New Twitter users might think that success is hidden behind follower volume. However, the number of Twitter followers does not guarantee profits for your company.


Level of success on social networks like Twitter will be measured by the quality and participation of your followers. You cannot develop relationships with followers who are not interested in what you have to offer. Increase the number of followers by choosing quality over quantity. Try this:


Connect with friends from other social networks and find useful contacts using Facebook, LinkedIn, and email contact lists.

Join groups and discuss topics associated with your business on sites like and

Distribute your tweets via other social networks such as Facebook, FriendFeed, Google+, etc.



Although it is an interesting platform for all aspects of life, Twitter and its services can be useful for your business. Take advantage of different approaches in terms of promotion, marketing, market research, customer relations, etc., within the 140-character tweet limit.


Thousands — millions of worldwide companies — are sending millions of tweets every day. If you aren’t of them, you are missing a great business and social networking opportunity.

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