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If marketing is all about winning the attention of a great audience in order to apply an influence on its choices, then Twitter is certainly an amazing tool to be used.


In point of fact, Twitter is a growing communication platform regrouping over one million of users and receiving in average 3 million messages.


Moreover, the astounding amount of the visitors is not to be ignored. Eight million visitors are definitely the number that we could relate to what we first called “A great audience”.


Twitter Marketing for Your Business


Watch the following video by Kev Kaye and listen to his three simple Twitter Marketing strategy 1) search for people relevant  to your topic, 2) Engage and reach out to the and 3) bit of automation. 


Here is a good article from John Paul Aguiar : 10 Twitter Tips for Newbies


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Twitter Marketing

Starting from there, Twitter marking could be seen as effective. Its search engine is daily used to look for different companies, events or places. What if while using this same engine to look for your company, a long list would appear with a lot of information?


The use of Twitter marketing is to be deeply considered. However, the communication tools, although still related to marketing, should be changed in order to suit the philosophy of the platform.


In fact, the users, nor the visitors, are mostly interested in personalized messages that sound friendlier than powerful. It is more about a conversation that should be maintained between the company and its consumers, becoming followings through Twitter.


The bird’s tone is to be kept. Know that an unhappy consumer could make an angry post that might affect over 70% of his friends, that might post an even angrier post and affect 80% of their followings. The domino effect would give a high percentage as a result referring to the number of consumers that might hurt you through Twitter!


In the other hand, Twitter marketing could use the media outlet form that covers this platform. Therefore, you are called to evaluate the message that might be seen as interesting by your audience and post it. If you hit right, the number of your followings will confirm that.


Also, Twitter marketing is used as a promotional communication technique. In fact, every company could use the wide web of this platform to exchange a few words about its sales and prices. The offers could be spread like the wind among the users, and you might see your numbers grow quick!


However, it is important to remind the readers that using Twitter marketing is nothing about posting ads. The traditional marketing, if we might call it this way, is related to TV commercials and magazine articles. When it comes to Twitter, the company should make a bird sound. The messages should be soft and made in a conversational way. Consequently, the company is called to award itself with a personality and a unique tone. Furthermore, Twitter marketing refuses the one way communication and welcomes the interactions between its users.


To sum up, Twitter marketing is nowadays measured as a powerful tool to be certainly used considering the high concurrence level that keeps growing every year.


The use of this platform has its rules. The ability of respecting the birds philosophy could provide the companies with great results in terms of consumers trust and fidelity.

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