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Twitter has become the world’s social media giant – agree or not? It’s evidenced by hundreds of millions of daily users. However, in the early days and even today there are a large amount of users who are not skilled enough to use Twitter. Is it hard? No, it is not. It is just that some people do not want to read basic Twitter guidelines and they spend hundreds of hours on Facebook instead.


Twitter is all about communicating. As Steven Hughes wrote in his blog, “Twitter is a different animal.  Twitter is a grind.” You are required to use various tools to enhance your overall Twitter experience. Twitter is used in different ways, from different locations, in a specific time. So it’s impossible to visit every time to post something you want to share.


41 Things to Improve Your Overall Twitter Experience


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Use High Quality Twitter Tools  & Clients!


I can’t remember when was the last time I visited my profile.  I’m posting, retweeting, discussing through different tools, here are 5 most popular tools I use to manage my profile:


1. HootSuite
2. TweetDeck
3. Buffer
4. Twylah
5. Triberr
6. Tweepi


Be Smart, Know Your Niche, Post Better


Nobody loves spammers. You need High-quality posts. Two good Tweets are better than hundred bad ones.


7. Be specific do not Tweet about everything.
8. Create Twitter lists! Separate people you follow.
9. Create your own Blog, share your opinions.
10. Share links from other websites
11. Join conversations.


Get More Followers!


You have started using Twitter to share your opinions or to promote your products. Followers are primary currency  here.


12. Interact with your potential followers as a guest poster on other people blogs.
13. Use and create Hashtags when posting your Tweets!
14. Consistently share high-quality content
15. Monitor Twitter trends join discussions.
16. Follow the people with same bio you have.


Get More ReTweets!


No Retweets means no followers. You need Retweets to increase your overall reputation and number of followers.


17. Cultivate relationships – this will surely bring more Retweets!
18. Use famous hashtags!
19. Share content of other people
20. Write descriptive headlines
21. Avoid errors in typing because people will not retweet your mistakes.


Analyze Your Twitter Engagement With Some of These Tools


Sometimes later when you gain around thousand or more followers you will probably want to analyze your twitter account more deeply. These tools will surely help you.


22. Klout – Measure your social media influence (Twitter included)
23. Sprout Social – Expensive but effective!
24. Tweetalyzer – Some really good search analytics.
25. TweetStats – Graph your Tweets by hour, month.
26. Twitter grader – Find out how influential you are.


What Already Developed Twitter Users Do


Those already experienced use Twitter on a daily basis for various needs.


27. Tweet like crazy during events (e.g. All football matches have their #hashtags)
28. Use Twitter for news (Learn to search important keywords)
29. Retweet your high-quality posts
30. Share your content on multiple platforms
31. Scheduling posts with Buffer, HootSuite and similar tools.


Tools to Remove Unwanted Users and Posts – Stay Clean!


It’s very important to have your account clean of unwanted followers, spammers, bad Tweets etc. Those tools will help you with that problem.


32. TwitCleaner
33. Who.Unfollowed. Me
34. ManageFlitter
35. UnTweeps
36. Tweepi


Connect Your Phone/Tablet with Twitter and go Mobile


Huge percentage of users are depending cell phones and tablets as primary Twitter clients. These are some of the most famous  mobile clients:


37. TweetCaster (TweetCaster for Android and TweetCaster for iOS)
38. TweetDeck  (TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iOS) Looks like Twitter is slowelly killing TweetDeck apps after acquiring it.
39. Flipboard (Flipboard for Android and Flipboard for iOS)
40. Official Twitter Client (For Android and iOS)
41. HootSuite  (HootSuite for Android and HootSuite for iOS)




Twitter is a unique social network on the internet.  Unlike Facebook and Google+, it’s not straight forward. It looks easy, but it’s not. Once you grasp all Twitter tips and tricks you will become Twitter expert in a short time. I hope some of these tips helped you. Feel that something missing? Share it with me.

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