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In the last few months, I’ve been using Twylah. It is an excellent new web service offering unique access to my Twitter profile. Just like Pinterest, is using online “pinboard” by grouping all related posts in to trending topic groups, they can be expanded to display more tweets on any available subject.


It is also a Twitter client where my followers, fans can respond, Retweet my posts directly from Twylah. It is connecting my fans into discussions more easily than normal Twitter clients, which is one of reasons why I love this tool so much.



Review of Twylah Interface & Features


Overall Twylah interface is really simple and easy to use as every web application should be.  From a visual perspective, it’s really nice. Default black and white theme named “Simply Trending” fits well. As far as I am concerned it’s the best one. However, there are 7 additional themes: Shades of Blue, Warm Coffee, Hello Spring, Newspaper, Good Afternoon, Magazine, Midnight and custom theme maker! Feel free to explore them!


Few selectable links on the top are doing everything you will ever need.


  • Send Power Tweet  – post your tweets
  • Themes – Is where you are managing Twylah themes
  • Manage Topics – Is where you manage your front-page topics
  • Resources – Using  Power tweet bookmarklet’s and widgets
  • Profile link with your name


Lets see what Eric, the founder and CEO of Twylah has to say about his product in the video below

[imaioVideo v=1]


When I open my profile, there will be additional row of links just beneath control links. These links are my Twylah topic groups. By selecting one, I will be beautifully presented with all my tweets that contain unique tags associated with selected topic group.


Those topic groups are selected automatically by Twylah by determining popularity of your Twitter keywords.  It’s up to you to decide what topics you want on profile page, and this is easily controlled by Manage Topics button where by drag and drop you can enable or disable any given topic group.


Posting with Twylah is easy by clicking Send Power Tweet button. I can also post on several social networks at once by using “Buffer” social sharing service. Buffering Power Tweets will save you a time and potentially increase the number of visitors.


Another great feature is Twylah Bookmarklet and Widgets. They can be found on Resources link. Widgets are simple additions for your website or blog used primarily to present your most interesting Tweet topic groups. Bookmarklet is an excellent link sharing and posting tool used directly from bookmark toolbar.


All users will be given unique username like which is a link to profile page. More advanced users may require full subdomain name instead of username.  It can be done by setting CNAME  (alias) on Resources and your website control panel link.


Benefits of Using Twylah


There are many benefits of using this web tool. I believe it can increase your overall twitter traffic just like Tribber. If you have already verified your Google+ authorship mark up, your Tweets are shown with your profile and it can generate traffic to your subdomain.


Google is indexing Twylah page along with all user tweets. Instead of a username you can use your subdomain by setting CNAME alias to your page. My page is already indexed, and most of my tweets can be found on SERP’s.


Visitors are coming to your profile once they find something interesting. Twylah expand this potential as it gives an instant overview of the topics you tweet the most. If they like them, they will visit more of the content you share.


Am I getting visits from Google search engine because of Twylah? This can be potentially measured by Google Analytics. I have been using Power Tweets on a daily basis, and my Twylah page hits already comprise a significant amount of my entire Page views.


Twylah is currently in BETA. Sign up process is straight forward, but it takes around 24 hours for approval. Best way to reach Twylah is by sending a tweet to Kelly Kim and you probably get a response within the next five minutes.  I have seen similar services like but they are not that promising.  Twylah is fast and easy to use. You don’t have to run through a series of tutorials. Everything is based around simplicity. Twylah interface is opening fast and without delay which is another positive. I would suggest all twitter users to give this service a chance. You will not be disappointed.

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