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From the beginning, Facebook has attracted people of different intentions. Some of them want to draw attention, to become popular while others just want to meet their old and current friends.


Facebook itself as a social network has hundreds of millions of members. Meeting new people is easy by adding them to your friends list. However, sometimes your newfound Facebook friends will unfriend you. I have collected some reasons from recent studies on Facebook social relations.


Facebook Friendship


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What is Social Media Used for?


Facebook members are using social media to connect with their friends, to meet new friends, entertainment, gaming, reading and giving feedbacks on various topics. Both men and woman have somewhat different desires and goals they want to achieve.  Men are more likely to use social media for careers/networking and dating – while woman use social media for a creative outlet, for coupons/promos and to give positive feedback.


Facebook Friendship Requirements


Men and woman don’t have similar requirements for meeting and keeping potential Facebook friends. Studies have discovered that woman’s prefer Facebook friends that they know in real life while men’s are usually adding friends of their friends.
Due to strict requirements women tend to have about 130 Facebook friends in overall average, men do have more because of a different way of thinking and communication.


Of course, this can not be applied to every man and woman. All the above is determined by examination of the large number of Facebook users and refers to the average opinion.


Reasons for Facebook Friendship Removal


You will start loosing your friends if you do not behave as expected. Both men and women have different level of toleration.


Most of the women don’t like adding unknown people. However, there are exceptions (e.g. They like you).  Most common reasons for friendship removal by women are:


  • Offensive Facebook comments – Women don’t like Facebook fights.
  • They don’t know you well – They will add you (just to be nice). However, be ready to be wiped from her list!
  • You are inactive – lack of interaction.
  • Harassing profile and album pictures with pointless discussions.
  • Spamming with various invites – e.g. Application and group invite etc.


Male Facebook members are again little different. You will not be removed for offensive Facebook statements, and they will join Facebook fights about any topic. However, you will be removed for these reasons:


  • You keep trying to sell them something
  • Depressing comments – they don’t like sad news and emotional stuff too much.
  • Political comments – avoid Facebook fights about politics.
  • They don’t like your friends.
  • Spamming with various invites – e.g. Application and group invite etc.


Finding Friends on Facebook


To avoid being removed from friends lists one should try adding people with similar way of thinking, hobbies. Do not harass people by adding them randomly.  People on Facebook are not robots, and they will react just like in a real life.  There is no need to have 3000 friends if you don’t communicate with them. Organize your friends list properly!

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