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Today’s technology provides us everything we need and enables us to work anywhere and anytime we want. Internet marketers like me, bloggers and other professionals utilizing the World Wide Web especially benefit from these advancements. In our typical day-to-day work, we are constantly in need of online tools that can make our Internet experience better. One great thing I am thankful of is finding out about


Setting up online meetings is one of the crucial aspects of online success, and this is where vCita becomes an essential tool. In this review, I will be splicing the benefits that you can get from using vCita for your business.


What Is vCita?


vCita comprises of tools that can help you set up online meetings. In vCita’s product page, you can find key features like Proactive Contact, Contact Form, Meeting Scheduler, Clients Management, Phone/Video Meeting, Email Campaign, Collect Payments and Platform Integration.


Take a look at this introduction video about vCita before we go any further.


[imaioVideo v=1]


How Does vCita Works?


Once you have availed of your vCita account for FREE, you can instantly grow your business online. A potential client visits your website and a contact form pops up. If s/he wants to set a meeting with you, s/he just has to choose 3 possible dates indicated. You will then receive an email notifying you of a meeting request and choose a date that fits you best. Once the schedule of the meeting is finalized, both you and your client will be sent an email informing you two about it. You even have the option to sync scheduled vCita meetings with your Google calendar. By the way, your availability is automatically presented to your client in his own time zone so you won’t have to fear time zone conflicts.


What’s best about vCita is that it won’t ask you to install extra software to access it, nor does your client needs to be technically adept. Anyone can use vCita with ease. vCita will handle your online meetings both video and sound. You won’t also take the extra effort of billing your client for business meetings because you can do it within the vCita premises. vCita uses PayPal for payments.


What Can I Do With vCita?


There are several things you can do to get started with vCita and  earn profits from it.


  • Make A Contact Page


Your own contact page at the vCita website is composed of 4 parts: profile, meetings, schedule, and payments. Your profile contains your personal information and picture. The meetings section includes the length of the meetings, the pricing, and other pertinent details about setting up meetings with your clients. The schedule page is where you select your available time slots and where you sync your Google calendar with. Lastly, in the payment section, indicate your pricing and PayPal account.


  • Include A Widget To Your Blog/Website


Once you have created your own vCita contact page, it is now time to link this to your website or blog. You can easily do so by clicking your vCita Dashboard and ticking on “Add vCita to your websites”. You can then make widgets for your site.


WordPress users can also add a plug-in. Install the plug-in then fill-up the settings under the “Settings” tab. This will allow you to move the vCita widget in your desired widget area. How cool is that? You won’t have to call your prospects one-by-one and manually arrange a meeting with them. That’s how efficient vCita is!


  • Hold A Meeting


After doing the first two steps, you’re good to go! You can now hold your own meeting at vCita. After a client reaches out to you through your vCita contact form, vCita takes care of everything. You and your client will receive the URL of the meeting room, so you definitely don’t get lost and end up clueless about the virtual meeting place.



My Calendar and Scheduling



Upon conclusion of the meeting, vCita will automatically send the payment request to your client, and you get paid through PayPal.


My Personal Experience With vCita


vCita enables me to set meetings with my clients without the hassle! What I love about vCita is that it serves as my personal assistant, scheduling meetings for me and reminding me about it 15 minutes before the meetings starts. The vCita notifications always come real quick.


I have signed up in vCita and initially held a few meetings with my clients who contacted me via the vCita contact form I added on my blog. The audio and video reception was very good, and I’ve had no technical difficulties in using vCita. It was like talking to my clients in real time and real setting because every meeting I had in vCita flawlessly took place!


One more thing before I forget it, vCita even surprised me with a FREE upgrade of my account. Now that’s more than being generous, right?


So, if you want to take advantage of vCita and see your business prospering online, I recommend you get started now for FREE by following this link


Pass up on this and you’re sure to scrap one of the best all-in-one online solution that you could ever have!

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