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If you have been following my blog for a long time now, you certainly must have identified with the kind of mindset that I am imparting – the wealthy mindset! You’ve seen it in me. My enthusiasm reveals that I am one of the few people who succeed in life because I possess the characteristics of a person with a wealthy mind.


Remember this – wealthy mind attracts abundance. And we all know that financial gain goes hand-in-hand with other riches such as time freedom and countless opportunities. Tell me, wouldn’t you want that?


Identify if you are Wealthy Minded or Poor Minded Person

Wealthy Mind

A wealthy mind sparks all possibilities and can actually help you get out of your financial struggles. I know you are already aware that only 5% of the world’s population is successful in terms of financial gain. This is obviously because they are only the ones who have a wealthy mind.


To become successful, you have to work hard for it. You have to give everything you do your best shot. You cannot do it if your head is filled with clutters and negativities. Only people with a wealthy mind can make it to the top.


If I were to ask you, do you think you belong to this 5% of people with a wealthy mind? Well, to help you answer me as honest as possible, keep reading as I share with you some of the many differences between people with a wealthy mind and people with a poor mind.


A wealthy mind focuses on quality of life while a poor mind focuses on standard of life


When a person with a wealthy mind retires, he will still continue to live in comfort while a person with a poor mind will still have to work or depend on others’ goodwill to make ends meet.


Are You living Paycheck to Paycheck?


A wealthy mind has more money by month-end while a poor mind lives from paycheck to paycheck, sometimes even experiencing financial shortcomings before the next pay period arrives.

Watch the video of a stinking van man and a carpenter who were living the “Paycheck to Paycheck” life.

Link to the full video here

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Activity and Results

A wealthy mind is results oriented while a poor mind is activity oriented. People with a wealthy mind plans their actions before they execute it while people with a poor mind tend to be so busy in doing things that they fail to keep track of their objectives.


  • A wealthy mind believes in synergy and common purpose while a poor mind does it all by itself. People with a wealthy mind co-exist with his team and is driven by a common goal while people with a poor mind like to do it alone, hence are not able to achieve huge outcomes.
  • A wealthy mind is persistent while a poor mind can easily be defeated. People with a wealthy mind don’t stop until they achieve what they want while people with a poor mind gets distracted and disheartened quickly when things don’t work out the way they expected.
  • A wealthy mind has a sense of urgency while a poor mind is prone to procrastinations. People with a wealthy minds knows how to get things done immediately to give way to other tasks at hand while people with a poor mind tend to delay doing things, hence end up piled with too much work to handle.
  • A wealthy mind see opportunities in adversities while a poor mind sees difficulties as signs to give up. People with a wealthy mind can see opportunities that people with a poor mind fail to realize. With this, people with a wealthy mind takes more risks than people with a poor mind. This is so because people with a wealthy mind know that they can succeed in anything they do if they would just continue giving it 100% of their effort.


These are just some of the many things that separate people with a wealthy mind from people with a poor mind.

Evaluating yourself, can you consider yourself one of these few people with a wealthy mind?

If yes, then I hope you continue giving anything you do your best until you achieve what you desire and deserve. If no, then it’s time that you start developing the attributes of a wealthy mind so you won’t have to stay in the same unpleasant condition for the rest of your life. Make that initial brave decision to becoming successful by changing your poor mind to a wealthy mind.

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